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Comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research are increasingly prominent in translational research. Building on the expertise in informatics and outcomes throughout the partner network, opportunities within CER will increase capacity to work with large Medicare and national cohort data registries. To complement this effort, improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of informed consent and data collection processes using internet and tablet based technology to conduct CER and large simple trials is also supported.

The purpose of this core is to: 1) build capacity for extraction, maintenance, and training in use of large databases and registries for observational and interventional CER; 2) establish linkages between institutional and national registries, cohorts, electronic heath records, and administrative claims and pharmacy data sources for CER exposures and outcomes; and 3) improve the efficiency and effectiveness of informed consent and data collection processes using internet- and tablet-based technology to conduct CER and large simple trials. Email ccts@uab.edu to learn more. 

The CCTS informatics group works with Health System Information Services to support the UAB Enterprise Data Warehousing Initiative that provides biomedical investigators with access to clinical data from the Electronic Health Record that is generated and maintained within the UAB Health System. Current data is uploaded daily and historical data is uploaded on a continual basis. CCTS Informatics also interfaces with the Natural Language Processing Laboratory of the UAB Department of Computer and Information Sciences and the Health Systems staff. These collaborations are focused on the development of tools and techniques to process the millions of clinical text notes that comprise a significant part of historical health records — making these records available for secondary research and clinical operations.  Learn more >

CCTS Informatics serves as the resource center for efforts that provide the infrastructure to collect structured clinical data at the point of care; export it to a data warehouse that also contains genomic and other biological information; and use the data for clinical, translational and outcomes research from bench to bedside and back.  Learn more >