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A coordinated model brings together expertise in study design and biostatistics as well as statistical genetics, bioinformatics, outcomes and effectiveness research, and epidemiology throughout the network to assist investigators with design, implementation and interpretation of their research. Using a diversified approach, faculty and masters-level experts are available to advise investigators about their projects via regularly scheduled drop-in clinics, ad-hoc meetings, or as more rigorous collaborative interactions.

To enrich these activities, the CCTS also provides a dynamic program of discussion forums in which investigators may talk through research ideas or current application drafts with colleagues, often including those skilled in study design and biostatistics.

This CCTS group provides clinical and translational investigators access to experienced methodologists with expertise in epidemiology, biostatistics, outcomes and effectiveness research, and data management. Methodologists are available for consults and collaboration — especially during the critical design and initial implementation phases of projects.  Learn more >

The CCTS offers three types of project panels: The Nascent Projects Panel (NPP, which provides assistance in a variety of areas through panel discussion); the Panels Done Quickly (PDQs, which are a targeted, more rapidly deployable version of the NPP); and the Translational Investigator Exchange Service (TIES, which brings together complementary teams of basic and clinical investigators).  Learn more >