The importance of data management is easily forgotten in the rush to submit a grant or start a research project. But there are many reasons you should consider what types of data you will generate and how you will organize and archive the raw data as well as the associated analyses and results. 

Why Do I Need a Data Management Plan (DMP)?

In addition to helping you meet the short and long-term goals of your study, a data management plan will ensure you can quickly and easily answer questions about your results down the road. Further, many funding agencies and peer-reviewed journals require a DMP so that your data will be available to anyone who may wish to reproduce your study in the future and so build the evidence base for a given scientific topic. Learn more

DMP Support

CCTS provides investigators and their teams with the information, training, and tools to develop a state-of-the-art data management plan. Data management resources are available online and consultations are available on request. We also offer a three-part Data Management Workshop series at least once a year.

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