i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) is an NIH-funded National Center for Biomedical Computing based at Partners HealthCare System. i2b2 was developed as a scalable informatics framework designed for translational research. i2b2 was designed primarily for cohort identification, allowing users to perform an enterprise-wide search on a de-identified repository of health information to determine the existence of a set of patients meeting certain inclusion or exclusion criteria.

i2b2 Training

i2b2 allows researchers to determine feasibility of a study by identifying whether or not a sizable number of patients exist with their study-specific criteria.

CCTS also offers a series of i2b2 training videos for those researchers who prefer the flexibility of learning online and/or who wish to refresh their i2b2 knowledge. Available videos include an overview of the i2b2 application, as well as how to log in, available types of data, vocabulary and terminology, and how to query.

Access to clinical data through i2b2 involves several easy steps to set up access and then authorized users can access the system as desired to obtain summary data sets (useful for finding aggregate population characteristics or for estimating the number of patients at UAB who might be eligible as subjects for a planned clinical study) and detailed data sets (useful for enrolling subjects in a study or to explore research questions using retrospective data).

User Support Materials: i2b2_manual.pdf / i2b2_FAQ.pdf

How to Set-Up Access:

  1. Complete the Access Request form here (direct URL: https://i2b2-uab.hs.uab.edu)
    • For Non-Faculty (e.g., trainees, staff, students), supervisor approval is required. Follow the instructions in the request process for emailing supervisor approval to the i2b2 team.
  2. Learning Management System:
    • Log-on to the UAB Learning Management System
    • Search the catalog for “i2b2” or “limited data sets” and take the “course” entitled “Acknowledgement of Restrictions on the Use of Limited Data Sets”, enroll, read and acknowledge the “LDS Terms and Condition”.
    • This must be completed once a year.
    • Wait until the next day for completion information to reach i2b2 (records are updated nightly)
    • HIPAA and IRB - Human Subjects Protection training are also required
  3. Log-on to i2b2
  4. Execute a query to obtain a patient data set
  5. Provide project details
  6. Download patient data set details
  7. Request additional data from CCTS Clinical Informatics

If you have any questions or problems email Matt Wyatt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..