OnCore is a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that tracks protocols and patients through the life cycle of the protocol. Study calendars are built to track the progress of patients and data from the calendars is passed to the UAB billing units after study visits. OnCore offers financial management including coverage analysis, budgeting, tracking protocol milestones, invoicing, and the recording of sponsor payments.

Pre-built reports are available to OnCore users to organize their data from the CTMS. By having all of these activities in one source, pulling reports from this data will empower our institution to more fully understand and capitalize on its clinical research programs.

OnCore sends protocol and patient information to the UAB electronic health record (Cerner Millennium) through PowerTrials. When a new patient is registered to a clinical trial in OnCore, their medical record in IMPACT is associated with the protocol and an indicator that the patient is on a study is displayed in the banner bar of their chart. Clinicians are now able to click on this link to view study information and relevant contact information for the principal investigator and study coordinator for the trial in the Research Summary.

Research Summaries contain key information that is useful at the point of care and for clinical care providers who are treating patients enrolled in clinical trials. More than 470 protocols and their associated patients have been sent from OnCore to Cerner, and order sets (aka PowerPlans) to support study implementation are continually being built.

UAB will move to the new version 15 of OnCore in mid-2019. After the upgrade, the financials functionality will be made available to OnCore users. Training programs on budgeting and invoicing as well as financial best practices will be offered through the Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP).

OnCore was implemented in the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB in 2010. By 2013, OnCore was in use by the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) for biospecimen management.

OnCore was implemented across the School of Medicine in 2017-2018 and replaced the legacy SiteMinder system which contained clinical trials with events that were billed through the UAB Health System. In late 2019, OnCore will be expanded to include trials that do not contain events that are billable through the UAB Health System.