OnCore Financials Implementation (June 2019)

The upgrade to OnCore 15.4 included a number of new financial features such as an improved chargemaster, invoicing triggers, and the addition of the financial events tab to the CRA Console. These new features will allow users to look up pricing in OnCore and be assured that the amounts in the new OnCore chargemaster will match the bills received from PFS and the MSO. Triggers will allow events to flow to the invoiceable items tab in OnCore automatically based on the triggers chosen during the budgeting process. The financial events tab allows Study Coordinators to create invoiceable items for events such as monitoring visits.

The OnCore Team and the CRSP trainers have been working on training materials for the OnCore financials rollout. We will begin by rolling the new functionality out to a pilot group which will allow us to validate all of the documents and processes. After the pilot group, the team will train groups of users based on their similarities and needs. The number of users in each go-live group will be smaller than those in the Enterprise OnCore implementation, which will allow for more personal attention within each group.

OnCore Expansion (June 2019)

Following the financials implementation, OnCore will be opened up to trials and studies that do not contain billable events that are billed through the UAB Health System. This expansion will require the examination of existing procedures and the development of new procedures such as how we will track non-UAB patients in OnCore and avoid sending these patients to IMPACT though PowerTrials. The expansion is targeted for late 2019 or early 2020.