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i2b2flyerAre you a clinical, biomedical, or translational researcher in search of data for your study? We can help! CCTS Informatics provides investigators with access to UAB electronic health record data via either (1) our self-service i2b2 tool or (2) an Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) analyst.

Using i2b2 offers investigators certain benefits, including the ability to search clinical data in real time and to change search variables “on the fly” in response to results. I2b2 users face certain limitations, however, including the inability to access clinical data containing Protected Health Information (PHI) (see Level 3 – Detailed Data below).

  1. To learn more about the i2b2 tool, including the steps required to obtain i2b2 access and training options (hands-on classroom or video-based), click here.
  2. To submit a request for a data set, please review the types of clinical data queries we support below and fill out our Data Request Form

CCTS Informatics enables access to three levels of clinical data:

Level 1 – Summary Data

  • Aggregated patient counts; no Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • IRB approval for use is NOT required (per IRB protocol E160105006)*
  • Appropriate for cohort/enrollment feasibility, correlational studies
  • Accessible via i2b2 self-service tool 

Level 2 – Limited (De-identified) Detailed Data

  • Includes limited identifiers (dates and geographic locations larger than street addresses)
  • IRB approval for use is NOT required (per IRB protocol E160105006)*
  • Appropriate for recruitment or retrospective analyses
  • Accessible via i2b2 self-service tool 
Data Request Form button

Level 3 – Fully Identified Detailed Data

  • Patient-level data, with PHI
  • IRB approval required
  • Appropriate for recruitment or prospective analyses

*NOTE: It is possible that funding agencies or journal publishers may require documentation of IRB approval regardless of UAB IRB policy. If so, contact IRB directly (irb@uab.edu) to request documentation of approval for Level 1 and Level 2 data sets.

The CCTS Informatics Team continues to grow the list of potential searchable variables available in the EDW. Please let us know if you don’t see a data category you need.

Study Enrollment Feasibility Data Request

Feasibility review is a process to ensure that a proposed study has a greater probability of being successfully completed. The CCTS can help investigators generate an aggregate assessment of potentially eligible patients for any clinical study. Simply check the box on our Data Request Form or contact us at ccts@uab.edu to receive this additional support.

More Complex Data Needs

For assistance with study design or planning the analysis of your data set, contact our Biostatics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) experts at one of our weekly BERD Drop-in Clinics (offered Mondays and Wednesdays, see our Recurring Events page for times and locations). One-on-one BERD consultations also are available on request. For more complex data queries, please contact CCTS Research Commons.