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Are you working on a K or R? Is your deadline May 2019 or later? If so, the Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) and the UAB Scientific Community of Outcomes Researchers (SCOR) invite you to apply to our new Grant Preparation Intensive Cohort Program!

How is the CCCTS/SCOR Grant Preparation Intensive Cohort Program Different?

K2R July2018The first CCTS/SCOR K2R cohort: Crystal Chapman Lambert, PhD; Bertha Hidalgo, MPH, PhD; Christina Muzny, MD; and Tiffany L. Carson, PhD, MPH. CCTS Training Academy Co-Director Dr. Michael Mugavero and Program Director Dr. Becky Reamey stand behind the trainees.Unlike many grant writing groups, our program offers four months of highly structured weekly activities focused on specific steps in your grant application process. From NIH Specific Aims and Biosketches to training and budget plans, our cohort program will provide invaluable guidance and keep you on track to meet your submission deadline. Our structured and tailored timeline includes the following steps:

  • CCTS Nascent Project Panel
  • Specific Aims Workshop
  • Biosketch Workshop
  • BERD+ Consultation
  • Weekly Intensive Sessions Focused on Specific Grant Sections      
  • CCTS Panels Done Quickly (twice)
  • Scientific Editing
  • Graphic Development
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Other Benefits

The CCTS/SCOR Grant Preparation Intensive Cohort Program leverages CCTS programs with proven track records at improving grant scores, such as Project Panels and BERD consults, and connects you to a regional network of potential mentors and collaborators. Cohort members also have access to a wide range of learning opportunities, including the CCTS Training Interdisciplinary and Emerging Research Scholars (TIERS) meeting (2nd Friday of the month).

How to Apply

CCTS and SCOR welcome all students, trainees, postdocs, and early stage career faculty who are committed to dedicating weekly time and energy to apply to a cohort. All applicants must participate in a CCTS Nascent Project Panel (NPP) prior to being assigned to a cohort. Once accepted, applicants must secure $1000 in funding to match the CCTS investment, which underwrites scientific editing and graphic design services, event costs, one-on-one coaching, and the latest edition of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook.

  • "The CCTS/SCOR cohort program was essential to my grant writing productivity and ultimate success in submitting a well-written R01 grant."

    — Bertha Hidalgo, PhD, MPH, Department of Epidemiology, UAB

  • "Through establishing a cohort of peers and setting benchmarks for progress, the program created a climate of accountability that encouraged me to stay on task."

    — Tiffany Carson, PhD, MPH, Division of Preventive Medicine, UAB