Bioethics 2018 GroupThe 3rd Annual CCTS Bioethics Forum speakers: (l to r) AGHI PI and CCTS Director of Genomic Medicine Dr. Bruce Korf, AGHI Recruitment Manager Julie Schach, AGHI Study Navigator Angela Williams, CCTS Bioethics Expert Dr. Stephen Sodeke, Bioethics Professor Dr. Mariko Nakano, AGHI Program Director Renie Moss, and CCTS Training Academy Co-Director Dr. David Chaplin.

Join us for the 5th Annual CCTS Bioethics Forum on February 3, 2020.

This annual event brings together researchers, bioethicists, students, community members, and front-line research and clinical staff to discuss special ethics topics in research.

Our most recent forum, conducted in March 2019, discussed the bioethical issues surrounding the return of results to participants of population-based clinical and genetic studies. It featured several participants from the Alabama Genomic Health Initiative (AGHI), who shared their experiences and insights on how to make the process more compassionate and effective. 

The 2018 theme, “Trust and Trustworthiness in Genetic and Genomic Research: Barrier to Participation,” explored ways to ensure equitable and ethical inclusion of community members in genetic and genomic population-based research. Learn more about our 2018 Bioethics Forum.

In 2017 our Bioethics Forum focused on concerns in the Era of Precision Medicine. Our inaugural bioethics event in 2016 explored Respect and Power Sharing in Research Partnerships.

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