Accelerating Discovery in the Life Sciences

I Corps NIH MapCCTS is leading nine CTSA hubs to develop the I-Corps@NCATS curriculum based on the NSF I-Corps program.

The CCTS leads an interdisciplinary team of business, engineering, and medical investigators from nine CTSA Hubs charged by NCATS with developing a translational version of the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps™ program.

Program Development

With support from an NCATS Innovation Award, the development team has three major aims:

    1. Develop a uniform curriculum for the I-Corps@NCATS Program in partnership with the National Teaching Team of experts from the NIH’s SBIR I-Corps program.
    2. Build the I-Corps@NCATS network capacity through a regional Train-The-Trainer program.
    3. Develop a set of common metrics to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the I-Corps@NCATS Program across the community of CTSA Hubs and their respective collaborative networks.

"The success of the NSF I-Corps program—more than 800 teams trained, resulting in more than 320 new companies and $83 million in new funding—has inspired six other federal funding agencies, including NIH through NCATS, to adopt the program." —Molly Wasko, UAB I-Corps Program Director

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A National Curriculum

Objectives for the I-Corps@NCATS curriculum include:

  1. accelerate the translation of biomedical discoveries
  2. train academic researchers to become translational thinkers (via the I-Corps program’s customer discovery process)
  3. increase engagement in team science
  4. produce more innovative research ideas and evaluate their commercial value
  5. quickly prototype and test new solutions in clinical settings

By helping adapt the NSF I-Corps program to create an I-Corps@NCATS program, the CCTS is leading the way in better preparing the nation’s biomedical scientists and engineers to extend their focus beyond the laboratory and broaden the impact of their science.

CCTS and the NSF I-Corps Program

The CCTS Hub is a member of the I-Corps South Node. Nodes are designed to support regional needs for innovation education, infrastructure and research. Several CCTS Partners (UAB, UA, USA, and Tulane) serve as I-Corps Sites, which nurture and support local teams to transition their technology concepts into the marketplace.

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"I-Corps gave our team an opportunity to develop our interview and networking skills as well as an opportunity to learn more about the biggest challenges our target customer base is facing.” —Matthew Hilliard, PhD, Professor of Chemical Engineering, UAB