Does your latest discovery have commercial value? Is your science important to those who stand to benefit from it? Would a potential “customer” of your research welcome your technology, protocol, or intervention?

Find out by participating in the four-week I-Corps Short Course. Based on the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program, the premiere federally-funded innovation and commercialization training in the U.S., I-Corps provides scientists, clinician scientists and engineers with a new approach to accelerate the translation of discoveries from the lab to the marketplace. Teams receive this training free along with the chance to earn up to $2,500 to engage in customer discovery and potentially qualify for $50,000 to participate in the I-Corps National Program.

Who Should Attend?

Faculty with an early-stage biomedical innovation or idea; postdocs and students working on a biomedical innovation

How Does It Work?

This I-Corps Regional Course is an accelerated 4-week program utilizing the Lean Launchpad Methodology. Teams will virtually ‘Get out of the Building’ and talk to potential customers to discover how their technology could effectively ‘solve’ customers’ unmet needs. The curriculum will focus on customer development and emphasizes the full Business Model Canvas.

What Will I Learn?

  • Determine the commercial viability of your innovation

  • Develop a successful business case for securing funding 

  • Expand your network of innovation partners, mentors, and potential collaborators

  • Develop greater self-confidence and a new way of thinking about how to value the impact of your research

How Do I Register?

Click here for the schedule and registration information. This program will be entirely virtual and begins on July 10, 2020 and ends with final webinar presentations on August 5, 2020.