The purpose of the LEAD program is to build a pipeline of future leaders within UAB, the CCTS Hub. Co-Sponsored by CCTS and Scientific Community of Outcomes Researchers (SCOR), LEAD is focused on developing the fundamental competencies within junior faculty and staff who are in leadership roles or will be in leadership roles soon.

Program Description

This is a one-year, cohort-based program is designed to enable junior faculty and director level staff to enhance their interpersonal skills, professional skills, and leadership skills. LEAD uses the Leadership Competency Model to provide the framework for the chosen topics.   

The cohort meets face to face for 1.5-2 hours monthly to learn about themselves, to enhance their interpersonal effectiveness, to advance objectives through building quality teams, and to learn to drive change. In between the monthly sessions, participants will complete tasks they set as part of their goal setting activity. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of the year-long program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate 5 areas their leadership improved
  • Apply concepts to enrich their leadership and personal effectiveness
  • Incorporate tools to enhance their management and measure effectiveness
  • Implement strategies to continue to build leadership skills


Each cohort will accept 15-17 participants who have the desire to be leaders within their organizations. Participants may be faculty or staff who are committed to enhancing their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Application Process

Using the link below, please complete the application in its entirety. 

2020-21 LEAD Cohort Application

Selection Criteria

Selection is based on goals and skill development. 


Learn:  1st Quarter – Knowing Yourself as a Leader
Session 1: Program Orientation and Cohort Introductions
Session 2: Individual Assessment with DISC
Session 3: Emotional Intelligence

Enhance:  2nd Quarter – Enhancing Interpersonal Effectiveness
Session 4: Know Your Values
Session 5: Negotiation and Scientific Storytelling Skills
Session 6: Feedback and Difficult Conversations

Advance: 3rd Quarter – Building Teams
Session 7: Effective Listening and Communication
Session 8: Team Processes and Development
Session 9: Team Problem Solving

Drive:  4th Quarter – Facilitating Change
Session 10: Measuring and Evaluating Effectiveness
Session 11: Initiating and Driving Change
Session 12: Change Implementation

Current Cohort
Previous Cohorts

  • "LEAD not only provided critical tools/lessons for me to become an effective leader but also provided lessons that caused me to become more insightful about myself (emotional intelligence). The program is well planned and is a welcome asset to the university."

    Freda Lewis, Clinical Trials Administrator, O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center

  • "The program was a good experience to learn about my colleagues, learn about myself, and most importantly learn new strategies on how to apply this knowledge toward improving the skill sets I will need to succeed in academic research."

    — Adam Wende, PhD, Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology, UAB