The Center for Interprofessional Education and Simulation is governed by an Executive Oversight Committee and receives programatic input from an Advisory Committee.

Executive Oversight Committee

Pamela Benoit - Provost
Doreen Harper - Dean, School of Nursing
Andrew Butler - Dean, School of Health Professions
Craig Hoesley - Associate Dean, UAB Heersink School of Medicine
Loring Rue - UAB Health System

Advisory Committee Members

Scott Buchalter, MD - UABHS, SOM, SHP
Tosi Gilford, MD - SHP
Laurel Hitchcock, PhD - Social Work, CAS
Ashley Hodges, PhD, CRNP - SON
Christy Lemak, PhD - SHP
Kevin Leon, MD - SOM
Lisa McCormick, DPH - SOPH
Stephen Mitchell, DMD - SOD
Jacqueline Moss, PhD, RN - SON
Lynn Stover Nichols, PhD, RN - SON
Todd Peterson, MD - SOM
Donna Slovensky, PhD - SHP
Kelley Swatzell, DrPH - SHP
Ken Tilashalski DMD - SOD
Candice Turner, OD - SOO

CIPES Working Groups


Marjorie Lee White - SOM, Chair
Scott Buchalter - SOM, UABHS
Stephen Mitchell - SOD
Jacqueline Moss - SON
Todd Peterson - SOM
Donna Slovensky - SHP
Carlos Estrada - CIPES


Allison Shorten - SON, Chair
Laurel Hitchcock - CAS
Lisa McCormick - SOPH
Lynn Stover Nichols - SON
Kelley Swatzell - SHP
Candice Turner - SOO
Kevin Leon - SOM
Carlos Estrada - CIPES

Standardized Patient

Shawn Galin - SOM, Chair
Tosi Gilford, - SHP
Ashley Hodges - SON
Kevin Leon - SOM
Carlos Estrada - CIPES