Curriculum Development Materials 

Linked below are several resources for interprofessional curriculum development.

Click here for the brochure of current OIPC courses and activities

Online Modules

Several institutions have developed online modules covering a variety of IP subject areas.

Why Work in Teams?

CUNY - 4 modules covering the IPEC Core Competencies (Values & Ethics, Roles & Responsibilities, Teams & Teamwork, Communications)

Carl in the Nexus: 
Carl is an elderly man who with the chronic conditions of diabetes, heart disease, and emphysema. He lives alone in a single-room-occupancy unit in a large city, but struggles with everyday tasks, including taking his medication properly. As a result, his health is poor and he frequently goes to the emergency room for help.

The story explains Carl’s situation and how his ‘care and learning team’ of students, community members, and practitioners interact with him to ensure that he takes better care of himself and stays out of the emergency room.

University of Washington - Team Communication Challenges

Video 1            Video 2            Video 3

Resources that show the significance of Interprofessional teams

Interprofessional Teamwork in the aftermath of the Savannah Sugar Plant Explosion (12.5 minutes)

Interesting TED Talks

Healthcare Should be a Team Sport - Eric Dishman

Collaboration in Healthcare - Joy Doll

Association for Prevention Teaching and Research (APTR) Curriculum Development Guide

The link below is to the APTR website, from which the curriculum development guide is available for download. The focus of the guide is on the design and implementation of interprofessional learning activities, with an emphasis on disease prevention and population health. These activities are linked to the U.S. national health goals and objectives outlined in Healthy People 2020. 

Curriculum Development Guide for Health Professions Faculty - Advancing Interprofessional Clinical Prevention and Population Health Education

Source: Association for Prevention Teaching and Research, Healthy People Curriculum Task Force (Susan M. Meyer, PhD., Daid R. Garr, MD., and Clyde Evans, PhD)

University of New England (UNE) Clinical Interprofessional Curriculum (CIPC)

The link below is to the UNE CIPC website. The focus is on learning activities for graduate level health professions students in primary care clinical settings.  The learning activities are based on the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Recognition Standards.

UNE Clinical Interprofessional Curriculum (CIPC)

Faculty Development Materials

University of Washington (UW) Center for Health Sciences Interprofessional Education Research & Practice: Faculty Development IPE Training Toolkit

The link below is to the faculty development toolkit for IPE developed at the University of Washington. Other toolkits and training materials are available on this site as well.

UW - Faculty Development IPE Training Toolkit

Evaluating Your IPE Offering

There are many options for evaluating your IPE Activities.  The National (NEXUS) Center has many resources available on their Assessment & Evaluation pages. 

Currently OIPC is using the "Dow" instrument for our activities.  This was developed by Alan Dow at Virginia Commonwealth University.