Design Thinking is used in the Solution StudiosTM Program. (Solution Studios is one of the interprofessional education programs at UAB.) This page provides a brief overview of the Design Thinking Process and links to more information. 

The Design Thinking Process

The Design Thinking Process was developed by the Design School at Stanford University ( The process begins by defining a problem and then continues with a cyclical process of creating and testing solutions to that problem. There are 5 steps in the Design Thinking process:

Empathize     Define     Ideate     Prototype     Test

Design Thinking Logo

The d. school has developed a collection of materials for persons new to Design Thinking. Several of these resources are linked below. These selected resources provide an overview of the key concepts of the process and some examples of how to implement this approach within the content of a course. 

Note: These d. school resources can be shared. They ask that such sharing adhere to the Creative Commons license (attribution, non-commercial use). 

 Summary of the Design Thinking Process

The Bootcamp Bootleg

On Line Crash Course

Source: Design School at Stanford University (d. school). For comments, questions etc.,