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Interprofessional Innovation for Patient-Centered Problem Solving

The Goal of Solution Studios is to accelerate the translation of clinical innovation by training clinicians and STEM students to collaborate and think creatively around solutions to clinical problems.

Little is taught in clinical education about how to innovate effectively for solutions to clinical problems. Additionally, little time is available to students and practicing clinicians to devote to nurturing a good idea. The reality in academic  medical centers is that innovative ideas originating in the clinical setting are often met with seemingly insurmountable  obstacles, impeding the translation of ideas into improved patient care and outcomes.

To create a culture of fostering clinical idea generation and testing in academic medical centers, Solution Studios implemented structured design thinking into the training of health professionals at UAB. Design thinking is a defined,  creative, problem-solving approach that taps into the health professional’s sensibility, coupled with an established practical methodology to meet patient needs through innovations in clinical approaches.

Fundamental to the design thinking strategy is the premise that the successful creation and translation of innovative ideas relies on the ability to empathize with others to understand problems from another’s point of view. From  this basis of empathy, potential solutions are realized, quickly prototyped, and tested with minimal costs, and then refined through iteration.

Solution Studios integrate design thinking approaches for health professionals so that they may fully participate in the innovation process from idea generation to clinical application. How do they do this? By connecting clinicians with STEM students and faculty, to leverage the brightest and best minds for creative problem solving to meet patient needs.

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Professions Represented
Biomedical Engineering                                              
Honors College
UAB Hospital
Joel L. Berry, PhD (School of Engineering)
Nancy P. Wingo, PhD (School of Nursing)
Kristen Noles, RN, MSN, CNL (Acute Trauma Care Unit & Clinical Decision Unit)