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This site was originally built and maintained by Allison Crotwell and Eric Martin, Director of Strategic and Integrated Communications, and designed by Dr. Rebecca Bach, CAS Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activities for the Humanities and Arts, and Anna Lloyd, Digital Media Specialist.  It is now maintained by Rebecca, Carey Cauthen, and Anna.

Special thanks are due to:

digital mediaARosie O’Beirne, Director of Digital Media and Learning (CAS), and her crew:
Doctorre McDade, Matt Drummond, and Christopher Humphries for videography.

Photo of Bob Corley

Dr. Robert Corley, Birmingham historian,
for education and textual references.


Theodore R. Foster, III, for collecting and recording all of the profiles of UAB African American students.

Heather Martin, Sterne Library Reference librarian, for library support.

Thanks also to all of the great UAB professors who have helped with this project, including, but not limited to, Dr. Cathleen Cummings, Michele Forman, Brian Kittredge, Dr. Sharyn Jones, Dr. Josh May, Dr. Christopher Minnix, Dr. Steve Roberts, Dr. Cynthia Ryan, Kevin Turner, and Adam Vines.

We appreciate the generous support of Dr. Robert E. Palazzo, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

We could never have done this without the inspiration of Thomas M. DiLorenzo, CAS Founding Dean, and the support of the CAS Dean’s office, especially Beverly Foster.

Funding for the great majority of events comes from a generous endowment, the John Jemison Visiting Professorship in the Humanities.

Thanks to Bob Adelman, the Birmingham Public Library, and Rosie O’Beirne for help with images.

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