The UAB Center for Nutrient-Gene Interaction in Cancer Prevention (CNGI)

Funded by National Cancer
as part of a research program organized by Nutritional Science Group of the Division of Cancer Prevention

Pilot Projects Grant Awardees

2006 Awardees
Ann Loraine, PhD Effects of genistein on alternative splicing in breast cancer
Dung-Tsa Chen, PhD Development of bioinformatics tools with pathway classification
Jun Wang, MD Mechanisms of prostate cancer chemoprevention by genistein and resveratrol

2005 Awardees
Grier P. Page, PhD Are there common mechanisms of action for estrogens and phytoestrogens?
Mark Garfinkel, PhD Renewal Award

2004 Awardees
Ada Elgavish PhD Prostate cancer prevention by epigallocatechin-3-gallate

2003 Awardees
Graeme Bolger, MD Polyphenol Modulation of Signaling Pathways in Cancer
Mark Garfinkel, PhD Dietary polyphenol effects on sirtuin epigenetics in Drosophila
Helen Kim, PhD Steroid pathways affected by grape seed in breast cancer
Huang-Ge Zhang, MD Curcumin blocks tumor exosome effect on NK cell activity