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What are the requirements for eligibility?

National Science Foundation participants must be citizens or permanent residents of the US or its possessions. Women and minorities (African American, Native American, Alaskan Native, Hispanic, and Native Pacific Islanders) are encouraged to apply. A participant must be undergraduate when the program starts in May of each program year.

How are students selected to participate in the program?

Selection is based on applicant's academic standing, a brief statement of interest, and a faculty reference.

How are students paired with mentors?

Students take an active part in the student/mentor selection process. The day after orientation, faculty members will make presentations to the students. During the presentation, students should make notes of points of interest. After the presentation, students should make arrangements to meet with the faculty member whose current research interest the students. Selection of a mentor is then based upon mutual interest and agreement to a student/mentor relationship.

Is housing provided for students participating in the program?

REU participants whose permanent address in not in the metropolitan Birmingham area are housed at Blazer Hall (the Freshman dorm).  Housing selection (Blazer Hall) is determined by Campus Housing and NOT the REU program.

How can we find out more about Birmingham and things to do in the area?

All About Birmingham;  AL.com; Birmingham Visitor's & Convention Bureau; Birmingham Business Alliance;   Birmingham Barons

Does the Program Pay for Travel?
Yes. If you attend college outside of the Metropolitan Birmingham area, the program will pay for your travel expenses (car, air, etc), whichever is less. If you drive, you will only be reimbursed for mileage, NOT GAS. The current rate is .50¢ per mile. Travel expense is based on transportation from you home institution's city and state. For example if you attend college at Tennessee State but your permanent home is in Cleveland, OH, we will pay your transportation from TN and back to TN.

How much is the stipend?
Participants receive a $5,000 stipend for the 10-week period. The stipend is typically paid in equal payments every two weeks for a total of $5,000.