CNMB basic philosophy is to have Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) students work on research projects, which are simple to comprehend and have some short-term achievable milestones, but simultaneously contribute to longer-term scientific goals and technological applications. These projects should not only be challenging but engaging to our REU participants so that they are motivated to learn more about the research area as well to seriously consider graduate studies. Our teaming arrangement with faculty and graduate students, giving poster and oral presentations, writing a research-style paper, and attending training seminars in scientific communications and ethics have helped past REU students see the "big picture" of what it takes to develop into a "research scientist" with the critical skills needed for analyzing, interpreting and presenting scientific data. Lastly, most of the research projects have been a strong interdisciplinary flavor, lying at the interfaces of physics, chemistry, materials science, and biomedical engineering.

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