All university faculty, staff, and students participating in international travel as defined in the UAB-Related International Travel Travel Policy must complete an online UAB-Related International Travel Registration.  All UAB Affiliate employees must receive prior written approval of UAB-related international travel.  All UAB-related international travel must be approved by either:  a) the department/unit head or appointed delegate; the school dean, library director, or an appointed delegate; and the president of the university or an appointed delegate; or b) the department/unit head or appointed delegate and the UABHS Chief Executive Officer.  Requests for international travel should be submitted as far in advance as possible, and approval must be granted before any UAB reimbursement requests or payment requisitions can be processed.

For further reference, please see the UAB-Related International Travel Policy and International Travel Guidelines for UAB, UABHS, HSF, CEFH, and OSF Employees. For guidance on payment of and reimbursement for travel costs, see the policy entitled Foreign Travel.  For more information, contact the Office of Compliance & Risk Assurance at (205) 996-6540.