Instructions for accessing the UAB Faculty and Staff
Learning Management System (LMS), formerly Health Stream,
to complete the required UAB/UABHS HIPAA Privacy and Security Training

Before any training module or requirement can be accessed via the LMS, the employee’s personnel “paperwork” must be complete in the appropriate human resources system.  Once that is completed, a new employee must create a BlazerID and password.  If the employee is transferring into a HIPAA covered entity and already has a BlazerID and password, time will be required for the transfer to be completed in the system as well.  The process from completion of employee personnel documents, to creating BlazerID and password, to having the required UAB/UABHS HIPAA Privacy and Security Training appear in ‘Assigned Learning’ within the LMS should take approximately 24 hours, but could take up to 72 hours.

Once the above issues are fulfilled, follow these steps to access the required HIPAA training (please note that if the new employee attends a new employee orientation at which the required HIPAA training is presented, the credit for the training will be given in the LMS and completing the online course is not required):

  • Go to the link: (Internet Explorer is the preferred browser)
  • Select ‘Learning System (LMS) Login’
  • Log in using your BlazerID and password
  • If an option, click to place the radial button under ‘Student/Manager’ and select ‘Proceed with Login;’ if no option provided, skip this step
  • Select ‘My Learning’ from the tabs across the top
  • ‘UAB/UABHS HIPAA Training (Choose One)’ will appear under ‘Assigned Learning’
  • Click on ‘Choose One’ and two different courses/hyperlinks will appear
  • Select the second option ‘UAB/UABHS HIPAA Privacy and Security Online Training’ by clicking on ‘Enroll’ next to the Online training
  • Select ‘Online Presentation’
  • Select ‘Click here to view slide presentation’
  • Presentation slides will display
  • View all training material
  • When completed, exit by selecting either the ‘X’ at the top of the screen or ‘Exit’ at the bottom