The new UAB Enterprise Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment Policy is now available. Since August 2012 when this enterprise-wide policy was last updated, there have been significant changes in public expectations for transparency, research regulatory environment, and approaches UAB’s peer and aspirant peer institutions are taking to identify and manage conflicts of interest and commitment.  To respond to the current landscape, a committee of representatives from academic and administrative offices across the University and UAB Health System collaborated to review and edit the document to address these concerns and to provide greater clarity in requirements, restrictions, and processes established in this overarching governing document. The result is a new policy that:

  •       Reduces and reorders content to direct attention to policy requirements, which apply based on individuals’ roles at UAB;
  •       Adopts one consistent annual disclosure requirement for full-time faculty, investigators, and institutional officials;
  •       Precludes full-time faculty from accepting regular outside faculty appointments, as they are considered to interfere with primary duty of loyalty to UAB, with limited exceptions (all non-regular appointments must be approved in advance as external activities);
  •       Refines the definition of professional public service activities and outlines requirements for when notices must be filed, both to reduce common confusion and to address clarifications from NIH regarding required disclosures by investigators; and
  •       Incorporates UAB’s Institutional Conflict of Interest Policy and Acceptance of Awards, Benefits, and Prizes Policy so that all major conflict of interest governing documents are combined into one overarching policy.