United for our common good.

We're all different. But we all have a lot in common. Like, none of us wants to be sick. Yet we want to keep working and learning. That's why we must work together to control COVID-19 when we all come back to campus. How? Slight adjustments to what we consider "good manners" could make a world of difference.

For instance, you're always supposed to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Right? Wearing a mask is the same thing. Sure, it feels a little awkward at first. So does backing up to stay six feet away from people. Singing while you wash your hands. Doing a health check when you feel perfectly fine. But if feeling awkward for a few moments can protect people's health, education, and jobs, then we're in favor of a little awkwardness. And if everyone's united in common courtesy for our common good, that won't be awkward. In fact, we think it'll be just the opposite.

Lets Do This Together
Wear your mask.
Stay six feet apart.
Wash your hands.
Stay home when sick.
Complete your Healthcheck.

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