Anna Junkins

T32 CPCTP Pre-doctoral Fellow (01/01/2020)

Ms. Anna Junkins became a pre-doctoral trainee January 1, 2020. As a second-year PhD student in Epidemiology, she has completed over half of the required coursework and passed the first-year qualifying exam. Her coursework over the last year included advanced statistical methods, analyses of case-control and cohort study designs, categorical data analysis, qualitative and mixed methods research in public health, and scientific integrity. In addition to her required coursework, she completed an international, doctoral-level course on HPV molecular biology and global health offered by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

Her research over the last year included utilizing electronic health data from UAB Hospital to examine factors associated with age of diagnosis among rectal cancer patients, and presenting this work at the UAB O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center annual retreat. In addition, this year she submitted two first-authored manuscripts, one which has been published in AIDS Patient Care and STDs, the other is currently under review at Journal Health Psychology, and co-authored papers published in Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine, and submitted for review at the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.




Publications, Abstracts & Posters

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  • Junkins A, Psaros C, Ott C, Azuero A, Chapman Lambert C, Cropsey K, Savage R, Haberer J, Safren S, Kempf M. Feasibility, Acceptability and Preliminary Impact of Telemedicine-Administered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adherence and Depression among African-American Women Living with HIV in the Rural South. (under review at Journal of Health Psychology)
  • Penaloza R, Navarro JI, Jolly PE, Junkins A, Seas C, Otero L. Health literacy and knowledge related to Tuberculosis among outpatients at a referral hospital In Lima, Peru. Research and Reports in Tropical Medicine. 2019: 10, Pages 1-10.
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