Kendra Royston CPCTP alum PhDKendra Royston, PhD, CPCTP alum, 2016-2017

Recent cycle (2012-2017) Recap
9 fellows in total
6 recruited into tenure-track faculty positions (UAB, Universities of New Mexico and Illinois, and Auburn. Navajo Technical and Indiana Universities).
1 recruited as a UAB Instructor
1 continuing on to complete MD
1 became an entrepreneur of a start-up company
Two K99 and K07 awardees  
14 fellows in total
12 assumed prestigious post-doctoral fellowships at NCI; Moffitt Cancer Center, Morehouse School of Medicine, UAB, University of Chicago, Washington University in St. Louis, and Harvard, Vanderbilt, Stanford, and Indiana Universities (see “STARS” below).
1 recruited as Program Director of the UAB Cystic Fibrosis Research Center.


Former Pre- and Post-Doctoral Fellows over the Past 2 Cycles

Predoc Trainee Training Period Advisor(s) Last Known Position
Gragg, Stephen 2016-2017 Brown, Elizabeth; Cui, Xiangqin M.D./Ph.D. Program at UAB
Royston, Kendra 2016-2017 Tollefsbol, Trygve; Hurst, Douglas Postdoc Fellow at the University of Chicago in the section of Hematology Oncology
Moore, Justin X. 2016-2017 Akinyemiju, Tomi; Wang, Henry Post Doctoral Research Scholar at Washington University School of Medicine , Division of Public Health Sciences
Boi, Shannon 2015-2017 Norian, Lyse; Harrington, Laurie Postdoc Fellow at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 
Daniel, Michael  2014-2017 Tollefsbol, Trygve; Barnes, Stephen Postdoc trainee at UAB
Cases, Mallory G 2014-2017 Hendricks, Peter; Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University Medical Center, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Benitez, Tanya, J 2014 Pekmezi, Dori; Cherrington, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow at Family Medicine and Public Health. University of California at San Diego
Johnson, Derek C. 2012-2015 Shrestha, Sadeep; Chamot, Eric AM Post-doctoral Fellow at Tufts University
Tarver, Willi L. 2012-2015 Menachemi, Nir; Berner, Eta S. Post-doctoral Fellow at Indiana University 
Falk Libby, Emily 2012-2015 Hurst, Douglas R; Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy Director in Cystic Fibrosis Research at UAB
Bovell, Liselle C. 2011-2013 Manne, Upender; Waterbor, John Post-doctoral Fellow at Morehouse School of Medicine
Williams, Michelle S. 2011-2014 Kohler, Connie L.; Baskin, Monica L. Assistant Professor of Nursing, Auburn University
Fowler, Bethena D. 2011-2013 Waterbor, John N/A
Hensler, Molly A. 2011-2014 Madan-Swain, Avi; Schwebel, David C. Clinical Psych Internship at Baylor College of Medicine
Sudenga, Staci L. 2011-2013 Shrestha, Sadeep; Saag, Michael S. Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Vanderbilt University
Hidalgo, Bertha A. 2010-2012 Waterbor, John; Kabagambe, Edmond Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at UAB
Hanks, Lynae J. 2010-2012 Fernandez, Jose R.; Bray, Molly S Volunteer, Office of VP Research $ Econ Development at UAB
Cook, Leah M. 2010-2011 Welch, Danny R.; Hurst, Douglas R. Postdoctoral Fellow in Tumor Biology at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
Wolfe, Kelly R. 2010-2013 Kana, Rajesh K; Madan-Swain, Avi Assistant Professor at  University of Colorado
Daniel, Casey L. 2010-2013 Grimley, Diane M.; Waterbor, John Assistant Professor of Oncologic Sciences Cancer Control and Prevention in Mitchell Cancer Institute at University of South Alabama
Vogtmann, Emily J. 2009-2013 Waterbor, John; Manne, Upender Research Fellow at NCI, NIH
Barnes, Margaux 2009-2012 Tucker, Diane; Madan-Swain, Avi Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at UAB
Royse, Kathryn E. 2009-2014 Shrestha, Sadeep; Alvarez, Ronald Instructor of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine
Baxley, Sarah E. 2009-2010 Serra, Rosa; Frost, Andra N/A
McCree-Hale, Renicha T. 2009-2011 Grimley, Diane M.; Lisovicz, Nedra CDC
Virk-Baker, Mandeep K. 2008-2012 Nagy, Timothy R ; Barnes, Stephen Associate Nutrition Advisor of Agriculture & Natural Resources at University of California
Johnson, Brent 2008 Waterbor, John; Thomas, Olivia N/A
Cardel, Michelle I 2008-2012 Fernandez, Jose; Scarinci, IsIabel Assistant Professor of Health Outcomes & Policy at University of Florida, 
DeAngelis, Joseph T. 2008-2010 Tollefsbol, Trygve ; Frost, Andra Research Scientist of Biotechnology at Hudson Alpha Institute
Farmer, Tyeshea L. 2006-2009 Strong, Theresa; Sell, Susan  Assistant professor of Alabama A&M University
Litton, Allison G. 2006-2009 Franklin, Frank; Huh, Warner Adjunct Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at UAB
Phillips, Keydra L. 2006-2008 Waterbor, John; Kaslow, Richard Health Scientist of National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities at CDC
Ogwaro, Kisani M. 2006 Kaslow, Richard; Tang, James Faculty of University of Arizona/ University Physician’s Healthcare at Kino Hospital
Jenkins, Sarah B. 2005-2009 Lamartiniere, Coral; Grubbs, Clinton Medical School University of Georgia. 
Roarty, Kevin P. 2005-2008 Serra, Rosa; Welch, Danny Instructor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine
Azrad, Maria 2005-2010 Piyathilake, Chandrika; Nagy, Timothy R. Assistant Professor of Nutrition at University of Alabam
Willig, Amanda L. 2005-2010 Fernandez, Jose; Heimburger, Doug Assistant Professor of Medicine, UAB
Berletch, Joel B. 2004-2007 Tollefsbol, Trygve; Bej, Asim Acting instructor of Pathology at University of Washington
Harper, Curt 2004-2007 Lamartiniere, Coral; Eltoum, Isam-Edin Forensic Toxicology Supervisor of Forensic Science, Virginia
Hines, Robert B. 2004-2009 Waterbor, John; Manne, Upender Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Central Florida
Obuseh, Francis A. 2004-2007 Piyathilake, Chandrika; Kulczycki, Andrzej Captain of United States Air Force at Biomedical Sciences Corps
Huffman, Derek M. 2003-2007 Nagy, Timothy R.; Elgavish, Ada Assistant Professor of Medicine & Molecular Pharmacology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Jones, Tamekia L. 2003-2007 Redden, David; Waterbor,, John Research Assistant Professor of Biostatistics at University of Florida
Anderson, Rashaan J. 2003-2005 Fouad, Mona; Macrina, David Quality Resource Specialist of Care Transition Team, Care Transitions Quality Improvement Organization Support Center, Alabama’s Medicare Quality Improvement Organization
Worthington, Julie L. 2002-2006 Waterbor, John; Falkson, Carla Med student in Medical Sschool at University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Clay, Kimberly S. 2002-2004 Crowther, Martha; Fouad, Mona President/CEO Play Like a Girl!® in Nashville, TN
Krzywanski, David M. 2002-2006 Postlethwait, Ed; Forman, Henry Postdoctoral Fellow of Pathology, Molecular & Cellular Pathology at UAB
Von Ah, Diane M. 2002-2003 Kang, Duck-Hee
Principal Epidemiologist in EpidStat Institute;
Visiting Professor of Nutrition at University of Copenhagen
Alexander, Dominik D. 2001-2004 Funkhouser, Ellen; Grizzle, William E. Associate Professor of Adult Health at Indiana University
Ross, Levi 2001-2004 Kohler, Connie; Green, Lee Associate Professor of Health Science at University of Alabama
Mentor-Marcel, Roycelynn 2001-2002 Elgavish, Ada Biomedical Life Scientist at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)/Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
Hyatt, Tanya C. 2001-2007 Gower, Barbara; Newcomer, Brad Anatomy/Physiology Instructor of AP Biology at Indian Springs School (AL)
Felty, Quentin 2001-2004 Roy, Deodutta Assistant Professor of Environmental & Occupational Health at Florida International University
Ebert, Sheryl Ann 2001-2005 Tucker, Diane; Kang, D-H Psychologist at Memphis VA Medical Center
Muilenburg, Jessica L. 2000-2004 Kohler, Connie Associate Professor of Health Promotion & Behavior at University of Georgia
Henao, Olga L. 2000-2004 Waterbor, John; Piyathilake, Chandrika Team Lead and Epidemiologist of Foodborne Diseases Surveillance Network at CDC
Alexander, Leah 1999-2003 Kohler, Connie Assistant Professor of Public Health Practice at Meharry Medical College( TN)
Crutchley (Bushell), Tamara M. 1999-2004 Piyathilake, Chandrika; Grizzle, William E. N/A
Blaylock, Matthew L. 1998-2003 Nagy, Timothy R. Instructor at University of Jember (Indonesia)

Postdoc Trainee

Training Period


Last Known Position
Carter, Stephen 2015-2018 Rogers, Laura Q.; Norian, Lysa Assistant Professor of Department of Kinesiology, School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University 
Sharafeldin, Noha 2015-2017 Bhatia, Smita; Tiwari, Hemant Instructor of Hematology & Oncology at UAB
Fruge, Andrew 2015-2017 Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy; Morrow, Casey Assistant Professor and Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics, Department of Nutrition, Dietetics & Hospitality Management, Auburn University
Dionne-Odom, James N. 2014-2015 Bakitas, Marie; Meneses, Karen Assistant Professor of Nursing Acute Chronic & Continuing Care in School of Nursing at UAB
Theodore, Shaniece 2014 Skibola, Christina; Baskin, Monica Health Scientist Fellow of Center for Surveillance in Epidemiology and Laboratory Services at CDC
Arthur, Anna E. 2013-2016 Rogers, Laura Q. ; Locher, Julie L. Assistant Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Burns, Erin M.  2013-2016 Yusuf, Nabiha; Elmets, Craig A. Principal at EB Writing, LLC (Birmingham, AL
Blair, Cindy K. 2011-2013 Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at University of New Mexico
Ifere, Godwin O. 2011-2015 Nagy, Timothy R.; Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy Associate Professor of Biology at Navajo Technical University 
Daniel, Sunil 2011-2012 Ard, Jamy D Nagy, Timothy R. Hospitalist of Internal Medicine at Brookwood  Baptist Health (AL),
Soleymani, Taraneh 2010-2011 Morgan, Sarah L. ; Ard, Jamy D Assistant Professor of Nutrition Sciences and Medicine at UAB
Jenkins, Sarah B. 2010-2011 Lamartiniere, Coral; Grubbs, Clinton Medical School University of Georgia
Litton, Allison G. 2009-2010 Waterbor, John; Desmond, Renee Ann Adjunct Assistant Professor of Epidemiology atr UAB
Carlson, Lisa K. 2009-2010 Morgan, Sarah L. ; Ard, Jamy D. Hospitalist at Medical Group Of The Carolinas Inpatient Medicine (SC)
Kojima, Kyoko 2009-2010 Piyathilake, Chandrika; Mobley, James Scientist III in Comprehensive Cancer Center, MS & Proteomics Shared Facility at UAB
Bartfield, Jessica K. 2008-2010 Heimburger, Doug; Ard, Jamy Clinical Assistant Prof of Surgery at Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care (IL)
Dodd, Keela L. 2008-2009 Lamartiniere, Coral; Mobley, James Research Lab Scientist at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Khan, Mahboob A. 2007-2009 Heimburger, Doug; Ard, Jamy Hospitalist at Holmes Regional Medical Center (FL), 
Munoz, Andres J. 2006-2009 Heimburger, Doug; Garvey, Timothy Hospitalist of Endocrinology in Columbia, SC
Schoenberger, Yu-Mei M. 2005-2006 Kohler, Connie; Parham, Groesbeck Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at UAB
Butsch, Winfield S. 2005-2007 Waterbor, John; Heimburger, Doug Instructor at Medicine; Harvard Medical School
Batson, Gregory C. 2005-2006 Piyathilake, Chandrika; Heimburger, Doug Hospitalist; Primary Care at Gadsden CBOC, Veterans Affairs, AL
Clay, Kimberly 2005 Fouad, Mona President/CEO Play Like a Girl! ® in Nashville, TN
Dean, Aleem U. 2003-2004 Heimburger, Douglas C. Hospitalist at Family Medicine in Fort Benning, GA
Hadi, Sattar A. 2001-2004 Hunter, Gary; Heimburger, Douglas C. Hospitalist at Stonecrest Medical Center, TN