Primary Mentors

Athar, Mohammed, PhD
Professor, Dermatology
Chemo-prevention of UVB-induced skin cancer

Bakitas, Marie, DNSc, NP
Professor, Nursing
Palliative care, disparities research, Community-Based Participatory Research

Baskin, Monica, PhD
Professor, Preventive Medicine
Lifestyle interventions in underserved populations

Bhatia, Smita, MD, MPH
Professor, Pediatrics
Cancer survivorship and late effects

Brown, Elizabeth, PhD
Professor, Molecular and Cellular Pathology
Epidemiology of lymphoma and multiple myeloma

Cropsey, Karen, PhD
Associate Professor, Psychology
Smoking cessation interventions

Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy, PhD, RD
Professor, Nutrition Sciences
Dietary interventions in cancer populations

Dutton, Gareth, PhD
Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine
Weight loss interventions in high risk populations

Elk, Ronit, PhD
Professor, Geriatrics, Gerontology and Palliative Care
Palliative care, disparities research, Community-Based Participatory Research

Elmets, Craig, MD
Professor, Dermatology
Chemoprevention of skin cancers

Fontaine, Kevin, PhD
Professor, Preventive Medicine
Lifestyle interventions in high risk populations

Fouad, Mona, MD, PhD
Professor, Preventive Medicine
Cancer disparities

Gower, Barbara, PhD
Professor, Nutrition Sciences
Dietary interventions in breast, brain and ovarian cancer

Grizzle, William, MD, PhD
Professor, Anatomic Pathology
Biomarkers of cancer risk and progression

Kedishvl, Natalia, PhD
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Retinol/sterol metabolism in chemoprevention

Landier, Wendy, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Health outcomes in cancer survivorship

Manne, Upender, PhD
Professor, Anatomic Pathology
Health disparities in colorectal cancer

Messiaen, Ludwine, PhD
Professor, Clinical Genetics
Genotype-phenotype associations in schwannomas

Norian, Lyse, PhD
Associate Professor, Nutrition Sciences
Immuno-modulating lifestyle interventions

Jeevan Prasain, PhD
Associate Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Bioactive dietary natural products in the prevention of cancer

Rogers, Laura, MD, MPH
Professor, Nutrition Sciences
Physical activity interventions in cancer survivors

Scarinci, Isabel, PhD
Professor, Preventative Medicine
Prevention in high risk populations and global health

Slominski, Andrzej, MD, PhD
Professor, Dermatology
Neuroendocrinology of the skin cancer

Tollefsbol, Trygve, PhD, DO
Professor, Biology
Epigenetic modulation of cancer risk via botanicals

Yusuf, Nabiha, PhD, MPH
Professor, Dermatology
Interferon prevention of photo-carcinogenesis

Secondary Mentors

Afaq, Farrukh, PhD
Assistant Professor, Dermatology
Photocarcinogenesis, photoaging and other hyperproliferative and inflammatory skin diseases

Atigadda, Venkatram, PhD
Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Design and development of novel rexinoids, retinoids, and their mechanistic studies

Carson, Tiffany, PhD
Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine
Weight control intervention in African Americans

Coric, Tatjana, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Cancer prevention, chemotherapeutics, non-coding RNAs, high-throughput screening

Ojesina, Akinyemi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Health Behavior
Genomics and infection-related cancers

Pekmezi, Dorothy, PhD
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Exercise interventions in underserved populations

Pisu, Maria, PhD
Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine
Health economics, financial toxicity in cancer patients

Rocque, Gabrielle, MD
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
Enhancing shared decision making in metastatic breast cancer

Triebel, Kristen, PhD
Associate Professor, Medicine
Decision-making in brain cancer patients

Waterbor, John, MD
Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Cancer epidemiology – cancer clusters