Resources available to T32 Training Program Faculty Mentors and T32 Trainees

The Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program (CPCTP) is embedded within the rich environment provided by the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and the University of Alabama at Birmingham at large.  A description of schools and departments, as well as collaborating centers follows.





Comprehensive Cancer Center (Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD Director). The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center is one of the original seven NCI-designated cancer centers.  The CCC is in its 40th year of continuous funding from the National Cancer Institute, and remains one of the premier NCI-designated cancer centers in the United States, and the only such center located in the Deep South.  The CCC’s cutting-edge science continues to place it among the nation’s leading cancer research centers particularly in the fields of cancer cell biology, cancer prevention and control, immunotherapy and immunology, and experimental therapeutics. At the community level, the UAB CCC continues its major commitment to underserved populations through its NCI-funded programs to improve nutrition and physical activity, increase cancer screening, and lead interventions for cancer survivors. The CCC is home to an outstanding faculty of more than 330 physicians and researchers, many of whom are internationally and nationally recognized for their expertise in oncology.  Because our trainees will be mentored by senior faculty who are members of the UAB CCC, they also will have access to all Shared Facilities, those most commonly used by our previous trainees are listed below:


Comprehensive Genomics (CGSF)

Microbiome/Gnotobiotic Animal Core (MGSF)

Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics (MSPSF)

Transgenic Animal (TASF)

Biostatistics Shared Facility (BSF)


HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology


Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship (ICOS)


School of Health Professions (SHP)

     Department of Nutrition Sciences:


School of Nursing (SON)

     Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS)


School of Medicine (SOM)

     Department of Dermatology

     Department of Pathology

     Department of Pediatrics

     Department of Preventive Medicine

School of Public Health (SOPH)

     Department of Epidemiology                                    

     Department of Health Behavior

College of Arts and Sciences

     Department of Biology

     Department of Psychology

University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Centers

     Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Center

     Center for Clinical and Translational Science

     Comprehensive Center for Health Aging

     Nutrition and Obesity Research Center (NORC)


     Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences

     Mervyn H. Sterne Library

     Reynolds Historical Library