Engaging discussions are some of the most valuable and rewarding activities that students, faculty, and staff can experience as members of the UAB community. While these conversations can be challenging, the rewards are great. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will provide a space for people to come together to have open, honest dialogues about diversity, equity and inclusion. Through the process, our goal is for each participant to learn about themselves and others, and ultimately feel empowered to apply the knowledge and experience back to their workplace and community.

    Participant Expectations
    Each participant will be expected to:
    • Attend all predetermined monthly discussions
    • Be an active participant during discussions
    • Be willing to participate in an open and honest dialogue
    • Recognize and develop a respect for diverse histories
    • Develop an action plan to share what you learned in your work setting and community
    • Consider new ways of thinking about your beliefs about others and your vision of diversity

    Check back for available dates.

    To request accessibility accommodations for the event please contact:
    Students: Disability Support Services at 934-4205 or dss@uab.edu
    Faculty/Staff: AWARE Program at 975-9973 or srmoult@uab.edu

    The Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion(ODEI) is pleased to announce #TalkMatters, an initiative to bring the UAB community together to address issues of inclusion, diversity, equality, and awareness through an education lens. #TalkMatters aims to facilitate open, and honest discussion about social justice and fairness and introduce knowledge and skills that strengthen the capacity of our campus community to drive structural inclusion for all groups.

    Each month, ODEI will facilitate discussions around challenging topics like bias, microaggressions, predispositions and blind spots. Our hope is that participants gain a deeper understanding of differences and a greater respect for diversity as a strength and value added as we strive to build a more inclusive and welcoming community.

    To launch the initiative, ODEI has developed a #TalkMatters web site. If you are interested in registering to join a discussion group, you may do so at http://www.uab.edu/dei/talkmatters. #TalkMatters will kick off with background reading from Danielle Allen’s Talking to Strangers. Allen's book is available in ODEI's library for participants to check out. Please contact Holly Holliday-Jones regarding the book check out process. Holly can be contacted at http://hhj@uab.edu or (205) 934-8762.



    Talking to Strangers

    "Don't talk to strangers" is the advice long given to children by parents of all classes and races. Today it has blossomed into a fundamental precept of civic education, reflecting interracial distrust, personal and political alienation, and a profound suspicion of others. In this powerful and eloquent essay, Danielle Allen, a 2002 MacArthur Fellow, takes this maxim back to Little Rock, rooting out the seeds of distrust to replace them with "a citizenship of political friendship." —Nick Bromell, Boston Review

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    Check back for available dates.

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