The Jefferson County Youth Transportation/Workforce Development Program, (JCYTWD), seeks to ensure that young adults are equipped with the resources and guidance needed to make intelligent career decisions as it relates to the field of transportation, particularly the Alabama Department of Transportation. Program participants are introduced to current and future needs within the transportation industry. This includes administration, computer and hi-technology. The program seeks to prepare young adults to career track employment in the field of transportation. Life Skills training and other services are provided to program participants that will ultimately result in increased disadvantaged business participation, employment, educational and occupational skills in the transportation industry.  

To foster the development of the participant’s interest in the transportation industry, the JCYTWD is divided into two 45 minute lectures. The transportation lecturer’s syllabus includes topics such as “Careers in the Transportation Industry.” During these sessions, the students are introduced to many aspects of the transportation industry by giving them insight to different careers in the transportation industry and how they correlate with engineering careers in the transportation industry.  

Academic and industry professionals conduct the sessions for the Jefferson County Youth Transportation Program. During the year, the JCYTWD provides 17 six-week lectures in which new participants are afforded the opportunity to explore the transportation industry. All participants are given a tour of an active transportation related business as a field trip. As a culmination of the six-week lecture, the JCYTWD hosts a Certificate Dinner for all participants who completed the lecture series.

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Jefferson County Youth Transportation Program
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Office Number: (205) 934-8188