Assistant or Associate Dean for Admissions (Interim)

Position Responsibilities:

Administrative: The Assistant or Associate Dean for Admissions will lead the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) admissions processes including the International Dentist Program (IDP), DMD/PhD, and MD/DMD programs to meet the workforce needs of the profession.

The incumbent will review applications, chair the School of Dentistry (SOD) Admissions Committee for the DMD, DMD/PhD, MD/DMD, and IDP programs, provide administrative leadership for postdoctoral and residency program admissions, and develop and implement an advising process for prospective pre-dental and IDP students. The incumbent will also work to promote and increase enrollment in the DMD/PhD and DMD/MBA programs by collaborating with the UAB Graduate School and School of Business respectively.

A major benchmark against which this position will be evaluated is the recruitment of a student body (predoctoral and dental assisting) from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including underrepresented backgrounds in dentistry, rural and underserved areas of the state, international origins, and students interested in academic careers. Additionally, the incumbent will provide supervision, guidance and support for SOD pipeline programing. It is expected the incumbent will develop and implement effective out-of-state recruitment strategies and serve as SOD liaison for the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) application services and admissions best practices. State, national and international travel is required.

Administrative leadership, organization, and enhancement of scholarships and financial awards is expected. The incumbent will foster transparency in the admissions process, maintaining accurate admissions records and conducting data reporting on a regular basis. The incumbent is also expected to prepare Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accreditation standards and SOD Outcomes Goals related to admissions and student affairs. In addition, the registrar, financial aid, student activities, and student support programs and services will fall under the direction and/or support of this position.

Scholarship: Advancement in rank will require scholarship, including presentations at national meetings and participation in appropriate academic organizations, as well as scholarly products.

Clinical: Participation in intramural private practice is available and can be negotiated based on candidate qualifications and effort distribution.

Teaching: The Assistant or Associate Dean for Admissions is expected to participate in clinical or didactic teaching, which may include directing or co-directing a course.  The incumbent will organize and lead the D1 Discussion Book as an entry activity for students starting dental school. Other teaching duties can be negotiated based on candidate qualifications.

As appropriate, the incumbent will provide clinical and classroom teaching and supervision in both the pre-doctoral and postdoctoral clinics. Teaching duties may include medical students, dental students, graduate students, allied health students, residents, fellows, and colleagues, where appropriate.

Teaching responsibilities shall be considered to include preparation of instructional materials, evaluative materials, testing, and maintenance of personal professional skills through continuing education, advising and mentoring trainees, and participation in academic reinforcement programs.

All SOD faculty members are expected to teach in an integrated curriculum system, and teaching across traditional departmental lines and in multidisciplinary teams is desired.  Faculty are also expected to foster transformative learning that is informed by interdisciplinary and translational research, teaching, scholarship, and creative expression.

Service: The Assistant or Associate Dean for Admissions is expected to support the SOD and the university by serving on committees and task forces, as requested. In addition, participation in dentistry-related community and professional service activities is strongly encouraged. Participation in regional and national-level professional service is also encouraged.

Required Qualifications: 

  • Graduate or professional degree at the masters level or above
  • Demonstrated experience in higher education teaching or administration
  • Knowledge of admissions policies and procedures
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to change and embrace modern technology
  • Experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment or commitment to do so as a faculty member at UAB
  • Demonstrated ability to participate in and contribute to a humanistic environment of learning
  • Demonstrate the ability, or develop such ability, to incorporate adult learning theory, evidence-based oral health care, innovation in student learning, and critical thinking

Preferred Qualifications:

  • DDS or DMD degree
  • Demonstrated experience supervising and leading others
  • Service on professional program admissions committee
  • National level service in appropriate professional organizations
  • Clinical practice experience and licensure to practice dentistry in Alabama, if appropriate
  • Prior administrative or program leadership experience 

Application Process:

  • Nominations are invited for the interim position through September 27th and should be emailed to
  • Following a review of CV’s and letters of intent, Dr. Taichman will hold individual interviews with candidates
  • Position will start immediately after hiring process is complete to allow for inclusion in current admissions process for the 2020 entering class