UAB’s 2015 Homecoming was a fun-filled week that tested the School of Dentistry's creative and competitive spirit.  SOD D1s took home 2nd place in the annual Building Decoration competition on Tuesday, Oct. 6 due to their enthusiasm and creativity that coincided with the UAB Homecoming theme "BLAZER STRONG." D1 students decorated the building in all-things "army" and outfitted themselves and participatns with camouflage gear.  Like the ARMY slogan, D1's coined the phrase, "There's Enamel Strong.  Then There's Blazer Strong," which was prominently displayed on a banner that covered the building atrium windows. Four D1 students also competed on Wednesday, Oct. 7 in the Gurney Derby, UAB Homecoming's oldest and most  beloved competition, and came in 3rd place.  






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