Each year, faculty, students, and staff of the School of Dentistry spend hundreds of hours conducting screenings, educating community members, and offering dental care at home and abroad.

A sample of some of the school's outreach efforts is listed below:

Project Homeless Connect is a one-day event that is designed to help homeless people access needed services and provide ways to break the homelessness cycle. Approximately 1,500 volunteers assembled to help Central Alabama’s homeless population. This population often has difficulty understanding and navigating services and organizations that can help. This event links homeless people to housing, dental and medical services, identification services, veterans' services, employment services, pet care and haircuts.

First Light Shelter is an organization that provides a safe place for homeless women and children in the Birmingham area. First Light provides overnight emergency shelter in a dorm-like setting, counseling services, and day programs such as Bible studies and makeovers. It also provides medical and transportation assistance.

M-Power (Mission to Provide Opportunities With Empowering Results) is a Christian ministry organization that focuses on education, literacy, and health services. It is the only free medical and dental clinic in Jefferson County. They focus on helping those in our area that are uninsured or underinsured. M-Power also provide tutor services, GED courses, and vocational training.

Cahaba Valley Healthcare is an organization that targets the healthcare needs of Central Alabama’s Hispanic community. They offer care to underserved individuals by providing access to culturally sensitive medical care, primarily through churches. This organization provides dental triage and operates a referral network. They also provide a Dental Hygiene Education Program for adults and children.

Lessons in a Lunchbox is program newly implemented in Alabama in 2012. UAB dental students worked with the Children’s Oral Health Institute in Maryland to education children at Glen Iris Elementary school about basic oral hygiene and the importance of brushing. The students provided each child with a lunchbox containing a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste.

Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama (CMMA) conducted a dental mission trip to Choluteca, Honduras, in March 2012. This Christian organization seeks to spread the gospel while providing medical care. Their goal is to treat the whole person. Students assisted dentists with dental care and involved themselves in the community.