The UAB School of Dentistry continues to build partnerships with community service organizations and programs. Current partners include: organized dentistry, United Way of West Alabama Success by 6, United Cerebral Palsy, Alabama’s Kid Check and Sight Savers of America, Cahaba Valley Health Care, Equal Access Birmingham, Special Olympics and Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, UAB Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Optometry, Public Health and the Health Professions. UAB Dentistry is also active in local and state-wide oral health coalitions whose purpose is to improve oral health outcomes for the citizens of the Birmingham area and all of Alabama.

Grants and Contracts

  • The School facilitates community-based grants and contracts and supports community outreach projects. Examples are:
  • UAB’s Pediatric Dentistry HRSA funding award supports the pediatric dentistry residency program to improve access to dental care for children on Medicaid/ALL-KIDS and in underserved populations.
  • A $150,000 DentaQuest Foundation grant was awarded to UAB Dentistry to infuse multi-disciplinary oral health training, screening and treatment coordination into our existing prevention activities and develop an inter-professional training program between Dentistry and the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Optometry and Health Professions.
  • A United Way contract for Success by 6 provides dental screenings to area Head Start programs.
  • The Birmingham Community Foundation awarded a $20,000 grant to help establish the geriatric Fair Haven Oral Health Center dental clinic at Fair Haven Retirement Center in 2011, the first such partnership in the state of AL.
  • Agreements with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf & Blind in Talladega, AL and with the Alabama Department of Public Health, which support the provision of services in Tuscaloosa County Health Department’s dental clinic, provide coverage for an attending dentist and resident to travel/deliver dental care to patients one day per week.
  • A HRSA $500,000 Grant titled, “Alabama Oral Health Workforce.” The School of Dentistry (SOD) has entered into a partnership with the Alabama Dental Association (ALDA) to provide incentive funding to recently graduated dentists willing to locate in a rural or underserved area of the state, become a significant Medicaid provider and stay in the same location at least 4 years. The joint partnership between the SOD and ALDA involves a joint committee made up of dentists from ALDA and from the SOD who set the program policies, advertise for the funding, interview candidates and monitor their progress. This program has been funded through a grant from the Health Resources and Resources Administration (HRSA) for $500,000 per year for three years. Other educational and outreach-related activities aimed at dental workforce improvement are conducted through this grant, as well.

Other areas of service in primary, secondary, and tertiary care

Special Needs Patients: The School helps to provide dental services to those with special needs at the Sparks Center Dental Clinic and through the Children's Rehabilitation Services of Alabama. The School also serves as a referral source for dental care to children and adults with developmental disabilities from area group homes.

Medically Compromised Patients: Consultation and dental services for the severely medically compromised inpatient at University Hospital are provided through our Hospital Dental Residency Program. Prosthodontic dental services for those with brain and spinal cord injuries and loss of facial parts due to trauma or cancer are provided through Spain Rehabilitation.

Other populations: We contract with county public health centers to provide care at the site of their dental clinics. We continue to seek more contractual services with agencies that work with special needs and low-income populations.

International Ties with other Institutions

The School of Dentistry currently has affiliation agreements with six schools in other countries to provide collaboration in education. We have an active student exchange/visiting program with Japan. We also assist in providing dental care to children and adults from poor developing countries. Our faculty also serves on the UAB International Education Committee and the Global and Community Health Outreach project in collaboration with the UAB School of Public Health.