Academic excellence and world-class dental education for the next generation. From pediatric dentistry to oral and maxillofacial surgery to clinical and community sciences, our seven academic departments encompass the fundamental areas of study within dentistry. Each department is the base for faculty teaching, research, patient care, and service within their disciplines Learn more about the exceptional departments and expert faculty within the UAB School of Dentistry.

Clinical & Community Sciences

The Department of Clinical and Community Sciences seeks to generate new knowledge to improve care in both the academic clinical setting and in the community, bridging research across the academic and “real world” settings. It seeks to move applications from efficacy to effectiveness. It seeks to benefit the community setting by moving knowledge from the academic setting to the community setting. It also seeks to benefit the academic setting by moving knowledge from the community setting to the academic setting.


The UAB Department of Endodontics is committed to providing comprehensive endodontic care through excellent patient care and evidence-based dentistry. These commitments are supported through innovative basic science and clinical research. UAB provides a comprehensive education in Endodontics.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is composed of world class surgeons with one simple goal: Pursuit of Excellence in Patient Care and Education. At UAB, we specialize in the care of patients with a wide range of deformities and diseases of the mouth, jaws and face. From cosmetic surgery to cancer care, wisdom teeth to facial prosthesis, our team provides the highest standard of surgical care for all patients.


The department is known for our outstanding graduate programming, clinical training and research. Our objective is the education of excellent, ethical, compassionate, and versatile practitioners in the art and science of orthodontics. The program also provides a basis for graduates to pursue an academic career if they so desire.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty of an age group rather than a specific technique; therefore, extensive knowledge concerning normal growth and development, behavior management, and all phases of prevention-oriented dentistry in healthy and compromised patients is required. The programs in Pediatric Dentistry help prepare students for careers in community practice and/or academics and board certification status in pediatric dentistry.


The Department of Periodontology pursues excellence in research, education, patient care, and outreach. Our faculty, residents, and staff strive to improve patients’ oral and overall health and provide outstanding periodontal and dental implant therapies for all patients in a comfortable, modern environment. Our dedicated faculty innovate in their educational and research endeavors to promote advancement of dental science.

Restorative Sciences

The department seeks to promote excellence in a student’s educational foundation to foster values recognizing their key responsibility for a patient’s overall health. Graduate studies within the department afford additional opportunity to enhance oral health. Residency training programs provide both advanced general dentistry education as well as specialized restorative care for patients with debilitated oral health. Complex prosthetic care and treatment of medically compromised populations are provided through the departmental residencies. The department also offers auxiliary academic programs, addressing current and future labor force needs by educating a competent and efficient oral health care team.