The Master's in Clinical Dentistry program provides residents with the opportunity to enhance their research, biomaterials, and clinical backgrounds. The program is 2 years and culminates with a Master’s degree from the UAB Graduate School.  When finished with the program, our goal is to produce highly trained, precision dentists who will be very competitive in applying for academic or industrial positions, enhanced clinical experiences, or additional post-doctoral educational opportunities

Biomaterials PhotographBiomaterials

Students are educated in basic material science, with a specific focus on dental materials. In addition to the classes taken at the School of Dentistry, courses can be taken in the School of Engineering, the School of Public Health, and the School of Medicine. This variety of course work allows the student to develop skills and knowledge necessary for productive research, clinical, and teaching careers.


Students are offered research opportunities related to their interests and talents. Because of the diversity of projects at UAB, students will participate in a variety of research topics. Students typically rotate through the labs of their mentor and/or departmental faculty to assist with projects while learning laboratory skills and techniques.

Upon completion of the program, the successful Master’s candidate will be well-versed in current literature (dental biomaterials as well as clinical dentistry and specific research areas). They will be familiar with ADA specifications and testing and conduct a variety of in vitro tests. Students will be taught how to design and implement a research protocol, and also how to navigate institutional regulations concerning human subjects, animal, and research integrity issues. More information on possible areas of research interest can be obtained from our faculty page.

Clinical Dentistry

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As a relatively new addition to the Master’s program in biomaterials, residents are offered training, in conducting clinical research trials. Patient experiences may include direct restorations, indirect resin restorations, single crowns and other aspects of general dentistry. Opportunities are available to observe and assist faculty members in advanced dental treatment cases. This portion of the program has been well received, and promises to add a unique and important dimension to the training program. It has been especially helpful to foreign-trained dentists, as it gives a unique perspective on differences in training between the U.S. and abroad.


The curriculum outline and course descriptions can be accessed here. Our goal is to see our Master’s students graduate with research experience and at least one publication, a solid background in dental biomaterials, and some clinical research patient treatment skills. We feel these graduates will be well positioned for an academic career in the United States or abroad.


Applications to the Master’s in Clinical Dentistry program have been extended until February 2, 2015. The program begins July 1, 2015 and an orientation session will begin the week previous. The application form can be downloaded here. Along with the application, the following items will also be collected:

  1. Official GRE and TOEFL scores
  2. Application fee ($50)
  3. Three letters of recommendation (including one Dean’s recommendation)
  4. Dental school and college transcripts
  5. Financial Statement (international students only)