Research Clinic

Research Clinic

The UAB School of Dentistry BioHorizons Research Clinic was completely renovated in 2008.  It has 8 complete dental operatories, a dedicated waiting area, chart room/receptionist office, coordinators office, conference room, sterilization area, equipment storage, and surgical suite.  Each operatory has digital handpieces, high power LED curing lights and the clinic has a new phosphor plate digital radiograph system purchased in 2016.  The clinic uses 2 Cannon DSLR cameras for intraoral photography. 

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Research Laboratory

The research laboratory is located in room 230 of the Lyons Harrison building on UAB campus (neighboring the School of Dentistry).  The laboratory is supervised by Dr. Nathaniel Lawson.  The research laboratory contains an Instron universal testing device, Keyence digital microscope, non-contact profilometer, spectrophotometer, wear testing device, toothbrushing machine, crown preparation device, thermocycling device, glossmeter, precision sectioning saw, incubator, electric polishing wheels, and an Acuvol shrinkage measuring device.

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Current Projects

Clinical Evaluation of a Zirconia re-enforced Lithium Silicate Crown

Clinical Evaluation of an Amalgam Replacement Dental Filling Material

Clinical Performance of an Incrementally Placed Highly Filled Composite, an Incrementally Placed Flowable Composite, and a Bulk Filled Composite in Class II Restorations

Clinical Evaluation of In-office and at Home Vital Tooth Whitening

Double Blind Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial of Lesion Progression After Treatment with Icon vs. Placebo in Caries Lesions in Young Adults Over 36 Months

In vitro wear of denture teeth

Fracture strength of translucent zirconia crowns

Investigation of Retention of CAD/CAM Crowns


Recent Publications

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