Predoctoral Periodontology

At UAB, the Department of Periodontology seeks to offer experiences for entry level general dentists to allow them to diagnose and treat a variety of periodontal diseases and conditions. Student doctors receive didactic and clinical training in periodontology starting in their D1 year. As they progress from fundamental periodontal understanding and skills to more advanced practice, they are able to grow in their experiences and independence. 

Predoctoral students may also participate in a periodontal selective that allows interested and motivated students to receive small group and hands-on preclinical instruction in periodontology in their D3 year and then progress to surgical treatment of the periodontal needs of their assigned patients within vertical teams of postdoctoral residents.

Curriculum /Courses

Periodontology D1

Periodontology D1 provides foundational knowledge in periodontal diagnosis, etiology, disease progression and treatment and culminates in a comprehensive treatment planning assessment.

Periodontology D2

Periodontology D2 exposes predoctoral students to advanced periodontal evaluations and techniques and enables them to discuss treatment planning options with their patients with the full breadth of available treatment technologies.

Periodontology D3

Periodontology D3 focuses on emerging periodontal technologies and cutting edge current concepts in periodontal care. Lectures are interactive and student generated topics are incorporated into the syllabus based upon student survey response.

Clinical Periodontology D3

Clinical Periodontology D3 allows an initial clinical exposure to periodontal cases and aims to expose predoctoral students to varying periodontal case types. Clinical competencies in Examination, Diagnosis, and Treatment Planning, Health Promotion, and Scaling and Root Planing are minimal expectation. Predoctoral students in Clinical Periodontology D3 compile a portfolio of managed cases in varying case types and assess their overall case management of these cases.

Clinical Periodontology D4

Clinical Periodontology D4 focuses on the clinical longitudinal management of periodontal disease. This course culminates in a Case Management presentation and write up as well as a Case Management competency examination where predoctoral students demonstrate their ability to manage a complex periodontal case through Phase I therapy and into either Phase II or maintenance treatment.

Predoctoral Periodontal Program Director: Maninder Kaur, BDS, MPH, MS
Predoctoral Periodontal Clinic Director, Alvin (Red) Stevens, DMD, MEd