Students will be enrolled for one academic year beginning the third week in August. The curriculum is divided into five subject areas as follows:

  • General Studies (psychology, communications Hybrid/Online); * Biomedical Sciences (anatomy and physiology Hybrid, microbiology, pharmacology, nutrition Hybrid); Clinic/lab
  • Dental Sciences (dental anatomy Hybrid, oral pathology Hybrid/online, dental materials clinic, preventive dentistry Hybrid, and dental radiology Hybrid; Clinic/lab
  • Dental Assisting (introduction to dentistry and dental assisting Hybrid, practice management online, dental emergencies Hybrid, dental laboratory techniques clinic) and Clinic/Lab
  • Clinical Practice (supervised clinical experience in all general and specialty clinics at the School of Dentistry and private dental offices).

Program Curriculum.pngThe Dental Assisting Program maintains modern classroom and clinical facilities and dental science faculty from the School of Dentistry provide a major portion of the instruction for the dental assisting students. When students reach a satisfactory level of competency in their basic clinical skills, they are assigned on a rotation schedule to the general and specialty clinics where they have the opportunity to assist dental students and develop proficiency in chairside assisting procedures.

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