Close up of gloved hands cleaning the mouth of a patient.

The Department of Clinical & Community Sciences is housed within multiple areas in the School of Dentistry, with our main office located in room 111. We also have faculty and staff offices on the first and sixth floors. The National Dental Practice-Based Network conference room is located on the first floor.

Our clinical research facilities are housed within the Biohorizons Research Clinic, located on the sixth floor. This clinic was completely renovated in 2008. It has eight complete dental operatories, a dedicated waiting area, chart room/receptionist office, coordinator's office, conference room, sterilization area, equipment storage, and surgical suite. Each operatory has digital handpieces, high power LED curing lights and the clinic has a new phosphor plate digital radiograph system purchased in 2016. The clinic uses two Cannon DSLR cameras for intraoral photography.

In UAB's Lyons-Harrison building, we have staff offices located in the room 130 suite. The Division of Biomaterials’ research laboratory is located in room 230. The laboratory is supervised by Dr. Nathaniel Lawson. The research laboratory contains an Instron universal testing device, Keyence digital microscope, non-contact profilometer, spectrophotometer, wear testing device, toothbrushing machine, crown preparation device, thermocycling device, glossmeter, precision sectioning saw, incubator, electric polishing wheels, and an Acuvol shrinkage measuring device.