Dentist in mask and scrubs cleaning the mouth of a young boy.The Department of Pediatric Dentistry faculty includes several full-time members and a compliment of almost two dozen adjunct faculty. It offers an Advanced Educational Program in Pediatric Dentistry, which is designed to provide the educational background and atmosphere necessary for training future clinical and academic leaders in Pediatric Dentistry. Advanced education provides students with an in-depth understanding of, and clinical expertise in, the practice of dentistry for children and others with developmental disabilities.

Pediatric dentistry is a specialty of an age group rather than a specific technique; therefore, extensive knowledge concerning normal growth and development, behavior management, and all phases of prevention-oriented dentistry in healthy and compromised patients is required. The programs in Pediatric Dentistry are designed to prepare students for careers in community practice and/or academics and board certification status in pediatric dentistry.

The department has 4 FTE of faculty involved in research projects with approximately $1.0 million in annual funded NIH research support. In addition, the Department has access to sophisticated and advanced laboratory equipment within the School of Dentistry and the many UAB Centers.