Three dentists examining a screen

Our postdoctoral Periodontology Clinic is a state-of-the-art clinical facility with 5 surgical suites and 5 treatment rooms. We are supported by a dedicated front desk staff, 4 skilled dental assistants, and 2 experienced dental hygienists in a dedicated wellness facility. Each operatory is equipped with digital radiography facilities, along with a NOMAD portable radiograph machine for use in nonsurgical and wellness rooms. Both panoramic and CBCT machines are located within the clinical enterprise.

Our Periodontal Research Clinic, located adjacent to the graduate periodontal clinic, has 2 treatment rooms and 1 surgical suite as well as a full complement of clinical research materials and storage facilities.

In addition to our clinical facilities, UAB School of Dentistry is physically connected to both the University Hospital and the Veteran’s Administration Hospital. This allows easy passage to these two facilities, where important clinical activities of the Advanced Education Program in Periodontology may also be undertaken.

Other education, recreational, and research facilities at UAB, a major urban university and medical center, are conveniently located and may be utilized by students in the Advanced Education programs. The more pertinent of these include the Lister Hill Health Science Library, the Animal Service Facilities, the Bevill Biomedical Sciences, and the Shelby Biomedical Research Buildings.