Woman wearing a mask working on a mold of teeth.

About Us

The Department of Restorative Sciences works to advance the School of Dentistry vision, leading health through oral healthcare, through its programs in general dentistry, prosthodontics, and graduate studies.

Through teaching, research, and scholarly activity, students in both the D.M.D. program and advanced education residency programs can obtain knowledge, skills, and problem-solving capabilities to affect the oral health of the population at large. Graduates joining the dental profession provide diagnostic, preventive, and restorative services to patients as well as contribute to the profession of dentistry as a whole. This is accomplished through the academic programs administered within this department providing didactic instruction, pre-clinical and clinical services, and research opportunities with the intent to improve oral health locally and globally.

Within the D.M.D. curriculum and clinical activities, our department seeks to promote excellence in a student’s professional development to foster values recognizing their key responsibility for a patient’s overall health. The goal is to graduate students who share a unified purpose to continue as life-long learners providing competent clinical care and contributions to both the professional and public welfare. Further, these values must be nurtured by participation in interdisciplinary professional culture with interactions throughout the medical community to appropriately provide care to the population. Finally, D.M.D. graduates must recognize that patient care is centered in principles of evidence-based best practices recognizing all culturally diverse populations to universally provide excellent, optimal oral healthcare for all.

Graduate studies within the department afford additional opportunities to enhance oral health. Residency training programs provide both advance general dentistry education as well as specialized restorative care. Complex prosthetic care and treatment of medically compromised populations are provided through the departmental residencies within the School and the University Hospital. The Department of Restorative Sciences also offers auxiliary academic programs to address current and future manpower needs further supporting the dental profession to provide a competent, efficient team to more optimally serve patient needs.

Department Structure

The Department of Restorative Sciences encompasses six cohort groups under the unified mission. Each group interacts to enhance the others through a mutual symbiotic relationship strengthening the entire department.

In the Department of Restorative Sciences, each group supports the others aiding the department to achieve its mission. The residency programs serve a second tier of patient care with the D.M.D. program with both clinical and teaching support. Research conducted by the department aims to augment the body of knowledge through laboratory, clinical, and materials research for the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. The Department is also active in-service activities within the school, university, nationally, and internationally. View a structure map for the department (pdf).