linda dayLinda Day

McCalla, Alabama

Student Clinic Patient

Excellence in patient care is at the core of the UAB School of Dentistry’s mission. It is the over-arching goal of the students who will soon go out into the “real world” to serve the public through their practices, and it inspires the researchers searching for the next groundbreaking innovation in oral health. Patients themselves attest to the excellent care they have received at UAB.

"I’ve had a very positive relationship with the dental school,” says Linda Day of McCalla, Alabama. “I came to the school for crowns. While sitting in the waiting room, I've met people from several other cities, and it always amazed me that they would travel so far. So the school has to be doing something right!

Day was assigned to Parrish King, then a fourth-year student. But King’s care extended beyond the dental clinic.

"I had only made three or four visits to the dental school when my husband died,” Day remembers. "I’m sitting at the cemetery during his funeral, and who comes up the hill but Parrish King! I always get emotional telling this story, because how many young men would have taken time out of their day to reach out to someone they hardly knew? I will never forget his thoughtfulness that day."

Day repaid King for his kindness when she attended his graduation and celebration barbecue afterward. And she has remained a loyal School of Dentistry patient. “It’s just a wonderful atmosphere,” she says. "Those students really respect their patients. They’ve obviously been taught quite well."