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About Us

The School of Dentistry Staff Council is an advisory body that promotes communication and collaboration and shares staff concerns with the Dean or other appropriate leadership. Like the UAB Staff Council, SOD Staff Council membership is automatic for all exempt and non-exempt employees who are categorized as regular and temporary full-time, part-time regular, and irregular and do not hold faculty appointments. Each SOD organizational unit maintains one designated voting representative to the council and additional ad-hoc positions are based upon roles within the school.

DEI Statement

As UAB employees, we strive to advance diversity and inclusion, we make sure everybody counts, every day, and we actively seek varied perspectives in our decision-making.

Our Mission

  • What We Do
    1. To serve as liaison for School of Dentistry staff to the Dean.
    2. To observe and conduct business according to the UAB Staff Council Bylaws; to schedule and retain minutes of SOD Staff Council meetings; to develop an annual plan and budget of council activities, and to submit an annual report at the end of each year. To conduct annual elections and facilitate annual committee signup.
    3. To represent and promote UAB and the SOD in a positive manner by championing the university and school missions, visions, and values; to build trust, diversity, and to promote positive morale, and strengthen the sense of community among all staff. Coordinates an annual SOD staff service awards program under the UAB Employee Service Awards Program (March) and administers a staff recognition programs aligned with UAB values and programming.
    4. To schedule and conduct SOD all-staff meetings at least three times per year consisting of programs to inform, enhance staff personal and professional well-being by encouraging vocational and educational development, and strengthen the sense of community among all staff.
    5. To coordinate and promote SOD participation in activities related to the UAB Staff Council, the UAB Benevolent Fund, and other entities as appropriate (ie Blazer Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, UAB Staff Picnic, etc.). Serve as a welcoming committee to engage new staff.
    6. To carry out other projects as requested by the Dean (i.e. participate in University Benefits Fair, New Employee Orientation, etc.).

Our Members

Executive Committee

Nancy Parsons


Department of Clinical & Community Sciences, UAB Staff Council Liaison

Theresa Creel


Dean’s Office

Sylvia Strothers


Office of Research

Liz Bolton


Department of Periodontology (UAB Staff Council Liaison)

Lynne Jarreau

Chair, Committee on Excellence & Institutional Pride

Dean’s Office/Communications

Rosie Turner

Co-Chair, Committee on Excellence & Institutional Pride

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Ann Marie Karaki

Chair, Professional Staff Development Committee

Office of Continuing Dental Education

Jacquiselyn Story

Co-Chair, Professional Staff Development Committee

Health Information and Business Systems

Heather Reed

Chair, Committee on Staff Engagement

Faculty Practice


Co-Chair, Professional Staff Development Committee



Sarah Connor

Office of Academic Affairs

Wanda Marshall

Clinical Operations

Angela Rembert

Office of Clinical Affairs

Wendy Scripps

Office of Admissions & Student Affairs

Chris Seidenfaden

Department of Restorative Sciences

Sheila Turner

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Karen Waites

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Carol Williams

Department of Orthodontics

Wynde Winter

Department of Endodontics


Office of Alumni & Development

Our Committees

  • Committee on Excellence & Institutional Pride

    Committee on Excellence & Institutional Pride

    Mission: To champion university and school values as outlined in UAB’s strategic plan Forging the Future, the university’s Strategic Diversity Plan, and the School of Dentistry’s Strategic Plan and to recognize employees who exemplify these values.


    1. Redevelop and administer a multi-tier staff recognition program aligned with and feeding into the UAB Shared Values in Action Program (UAB VIP Award). The program recognizes employees who have consistently demonstrated UAB Shared Values in an outstanding manner, with a positive impact to the UAB Community. Award criteria include the following:
      • Non-faculty employees employed with UAB.
      • Must be in good standing with the university.
      • Consistently demonstrates a strong commitment to one or more of UAB’s Shared Values in the course of their work.
    2. Coordinate a SOD Staff Service Awards program under the UAB Service Awards program to honor employees who have made a significant career commitment to the university. The program is designed to recognize and express appreciation to employees at each five-year milestone who have completed five or more years of service to UAB.
    3. Conduct other activities focused on championing university and school values and recognizing employees, as opportunities arise.

    Lynne Jarreau, Chair
    Rosie Turner, Co-Chair
    Sylvia Strothers
    Carol Williams
    Wynde Winter

  • Professional Staff Development Committee

    Professional Staff Development Committee

    Mission: To schedule and conduct SOD staff development opportunities to advance the Staff Council's goal of increasing employee motivation and morale.  


    1. Provide programs to support personal well-being and professional development of staff
    2. Advance educational interests and goals of the staff as determined through an annual surveys
    3. Encourage vocational and educational development
    4. Inform and strengthen the sense of community among staff 

    Ann Marie Karaki, Chair
    Jacquiselyn Story, Co-Chair
    Liz Bolton
    Chris Seidenfaden
    Lynne Jarreau

  • Committee on Staff Engagement

    Committee on Staff Engagement

    Mission: To coordinate and promote positive morale and strengthen the sense of community among all SOD staff.


    1. Develop and promote SOD staff participation in activities including, but not limited to:
      • Events sponsored by SOD Staff Council
      • Activities related to UAB Staff Council
      • Activities related to the UAB Benevolent Fund
      • Other entities, as appropriate (ie Blazer Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, Toys for Tots, UAB Staff Picnic)
    2. Serve as a welcoming committee to engage new staff.

    Heather Reed, Chair
    Sarah Connor
    Wanda Marshall
    Angela Rembert
    Sheila Turner
    Karen Waits
    Wendy Scripps

Staff Awards

  • SOD Employee of the Quarter

    The School of Dentistry Employee of the Quarter Award advances the UAB Values in Action (VIP) Program. Presented each quarter by the SOD Staff Council, the award recognizes one staff member whose work has exemplified and embodied one or more of the values that propel our institution. Each quarterly winner is submitted as a candidate for the UAB VIP Award. Employees can learn more on SharePoint (login required).

  • Give a Hoot, Hoot

    Anyone -- faculty, staff, students -- can give a staff member a proverbial pat on the back by nominating them for the "Give a Hoot, Hoot" award. This is a peer recognition program that honors staff who exemplify UAB Shared Values and put their best foot forward every day. A call for nominations is distributed monthly, by email, and all nominees are recognized at the close of the month.

Upcoming All-Staff Meetings

Wednesday, May 11, 2022, 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. – Location TBD

Our Accomplishments

We are constantly exploring new opportunities for staff engagement. As we work to champion the university and school missions, visions, and values and strengthen the sense of community among staff, we are incredibly proud of the depth and breadth of our programming.

Read about our latest accomplishments:

June 2019 – December 2020 

January 2021 - June 2022

Contact Us

Nancy Parsons, President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.