Close-up image of a purple-gloved hand holding a petri dish.In response to emerging microbiome science, a university-wide pilot research center in microbiome was established in 2016, and approved as a full research center in 2019. The center facilitates the integration of microbiome research, education, and training activities on campus. The main objectives of this center are to advance the understanding of human biology in the lenses of microbiome and human and microbiota interactions, promote the translation of microbiome knowledge into precision diagnostic, prevention and treatment strategies, and provide added values to the entire UAB campus in microbiome research.

Center Enrollment is Open

The Microbiome Center supports pilot research projects, provides support for the invitation of microbiota/microbiome-associated speakers and works to offset costs associated with the microbiome-related research via the cores at UAB. For more information and instructions, please see our RFA.

We encourage all researchers (faculty, research staff, and trainees) across UAB with an interest in the study of individual microbiota and their biochemical products and microbial community interactions within different ecosystems to join.

Please email Sheila Turner, Center Administrator, if you have an interest in joining the Microbiome Center.