The PRE-DART Program is no longer funded. 

PreDoctoral Dental Academic Research Training (PreDART) Program

The field of dental research and academic instruction is presently experiencing a serious shortage of new faculty members entering the field due to the high cost of a dental education, and the attraction of a more lucrative career in private practice. In order to encourage more and diverse predoctoral students to enter the field of academics and dental research, programs must be established to seek out talented students and introduce them to the career opportunities in dental academics and research early in their education.

The PreDoctoral Dental Academic Research Training (PreDART) program involves an intensive introduction to the dental academics through laboratory research experience and mentorship by motivated dental faculty. Students work in the state-of-the-art research facilities at the School of Dentistry University of Alabama at Birmingham (SOD UAB) under the direction of experienced and successful faculty mentors, most of who have dual degrees (DDS or DMD/MPH, DDS or DMD/Ph.D; MD/PhD).

The reasons the SOD UAB is uniquely positioned to accomplish the goals of the PreDART program are: our established success record in dental student training programs; a large body of qualified, productive faculty mentors who have established nationally and internationally recognized research programs; a national ranking of 10th in total research funding from the National Institution of Dental and Craniofacial Research; and the formal student training relations that have been established with a number of undergraduate regional college campuses.  

Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this proposed PreDART program is to identify and recruit qualified diverse predoctoral students who have the interest and the potential to pursue a career in dental academics and dental research. Once in the program, these students will be exposed to basic and clinical research operations in a personal training program through mentorship by motivated, highly qualified dental faculty. The objective of the program is to expose more college students to the career opportunities of dental academics.

The following students that partipcated in this program who are currently in Dental School:

Summer 2016: Julia Pham, Steven Sheibley, Laith Matalka, Farah Jawani, Katie Paulett, Carson Pruitt

Summer 2015: Jin Lu, Laith Matalka, Steven Sheibley, Daniel Kwon, Aneesa Sood

Summer 2014: Lauren Cabaniss, Bright Chang, Tasneem Karissi, Hillary Sawyer

Summer 2013: Kyle Feagin, Morgan Goss, Garrett Nix, Emily Rousso

Summer 2012: Callie Mobley Clark; Joshua Headley; Samual Huguley