Undergraduate Research for Academic Credit

If you are an undergraduate interested in research, Please contact Mr. Stefan Kovac, Office of Undergraduate Research Ambassador for the School of Dentistry

UAB Students

Undergraduate students may participate in a research experience for academic credit by registering for appropriate undergraduate research courses (e.g., BY398 Undergraduate Research, HON 399 Research Practicum). Course descriptions and special guidance for undergraduate research for credit outside of the home department.

Typical common features of undergraduate research experiences include the following:

  • Students are advised to seek out and make arrangements directly with the Institute of Oral Health Research's Program Coordinator regarding the nature of the research activity and the credit/effort hours.
  • Students may have the option to register for 1, 2, or 3 credit hours of research in a given semester. One credit hour typically equates to 3-5 hours/week of research time.
  • Programs typically do not provide explicit guidelines regarding the parameters of the research experience but provide flexibility to the research advisor to work with the student to design the project and evaluate the student’s performance. The project should be designed to be completed in the semester for which the student is to receive academic credit.
  • Since the student is receiving academic credit for their research, the faculty research advisor should provide legitimate research exposure and academic training rather than assign the student only to menial lab chores. This may include activities such as background reading and lab meeting participation, in addition to work conducted in the lab.
  • The faculty research advisor must arrange for the student to take the necessary laboratory training appropriate to the research project; lab-related injuries or illness.
  • Faculty research advisors must arrange for or verify that the undergraduate student, whether participating for academic credit or for pay, has the necessary laboratory training appropriate to the research project, including
    o HIPAA training
    o IACUC Use and Care of Laboratory Animals
    o OH&S Biosafety and Chemical Safety
    o IRB Training in Research with Human Participants
  • The student should participate regularly, as agreed, in order to have a successful project.
  • The faculty research advisor must provide a grade (Pass/Fail or a letter grade as required) to the program administrator responsible for the research practicum.

Non-UAB Students
Undergraduate students from area institutions may have the opportunity to participate in research for credit at off-campus locations including UAB:

  • Guidelines for parameters of the research project and student evaluation should be discussed with faculty liaison at the sponsoring institution are the same for UAB Students
  • Visiting student should be assigned “Volunteer” status (code 60)