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Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

As part of a great research university, our department offers a broad range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our programs are fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction faculty are internationally and nationally recognized providing expertise in their respective disciplines. Through teaching, scholarship, and service, faculty contribute to the development of dynamic teachers and educational communities in a global society.

We welcome your inquiries into our programs as you seek opportunities to touch the world through the education profession. Go Blazers!

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Turning students into teachers and teachers into leaders

Teacher preparation is our specialty. We offer programs for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking initial teacher certification as well as programs for veteran teachers seeking advanced degrees and certifications. Whether you're an undergraduate student seeking to enter the profession, a career changer in pursuit of a teaching degree, or a practicing teacher interested in furthering your career, the UAB Department of Curriculum and Instruction can help you achieve your goal.

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UAB's graduate degree program in ESL is comprised of a master's degree and an educational specialist (EdS) degree. Both degrees prepare candidates to earn teacher certification in ESL from pre-school (P) through 12th grade.  Additional information can be found on the ESL resource website.

Masters of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)

UAB offers a Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) degree in ESL with three tracks. The traditional and alternative tracks are for teaching ESL in grades P-12, and the international track is for teaching ESL to adult learners. Students in the traditional and alternative tracks can earn certification in ESL as well as dual certification in either ESL/French or ESL/Spanish.

Within the MAEd/ESL program, the traditional track is for teachers who already hold Class B certification in a teaching field such as elementary, secondary, or special education. Upon completing the MAEd/ESL's traditional track, these teachers earn Class A certification in ESL. Detailed information is provided in the MA Information Packet.

The MAEd/ESL program's alternative track is part of the School of Education's alternative master's program (AMP). The AMP is for graduate students who do not already hold teacher certification in Alabama. To be eligible for seeking initial ESL certification, applicants must have an undergraduate degree with a 2.75+ GPA on a transcript from a regionally accredited college. They must have majored in a language or taken 32 credit hours of coursework in a language (of which 19 were upper division) or have passed the Praxis #5361 in ESOL. They must have also met other criteria stipulated by the ALSDE. Upon completing the AMP, candidates earn alternative Class A certification in ESL. Detailed information is provided in the AMP Information Packet.

The MAEd/ESL program's international track is for teaching ESL to adult language learners and/or teaching English overseas. Additional information is provided here. Students whose first language is not English should follow the English as a Foreign Language course outline course outline.  Students in the International Track may opt to pursue the Peace Corps Master's International and complete UAB's practicum-related courses while overseas for two years teaching English as Peace Corps Volunteers:

Educational Specialist

Educational Specialist (EdS)

Teachers with Class A certification in ESL can earn Class AA certification by obtaining an educational specialist (EdS) degree. They may earn Class AA certification in either ESL or Teacher Leadership. They may also opt to pursue both of these certifications simultaneously. Detailed information is provided in the EdS Information Packet.

For additional information, please visit our ESL Resource Website.