Mission Statement

Developing and sharing knowledge to support education, health, and wellness professionals

Vision Statement

To enhance our national reputation by addressing global challenges in education, health, and wellness on a local level


We believe in:

Celebrating and honoring diversity.

  • We will recruit, welcome, and support faculty, staff, and students from all races, ethnicities, cultural and language backgrounds, gender expressions, identities, and underrepresented populations.
  • We will strive to present multiple perspectives of knowledge and content.

Promoting student-centered learning.

  • We will employ interactive and engaging instructional practices.
  • We will encourage input, interaction, and collaboration between students and instructors and among students and student-led organizations.
  • We will design instruction to address multiple learning styles.

Partnering with our communities.

  • We will actively engage with, and participate in, a wide variety of campus, local, regional, national, and international professional communities.
  • We will strengthen existing, and forge new, mutually beneficial and innovative partnerships with schools, foundations, service organizations, and public agencies in Birmingham and beyond.
  • We will engage and work with one another in the UAB School of Education to establish and nurture a professional culture of care, inquiry, and collaboration.

Committing to excellence in practice.

  • We will be outstanding role models, delivering high quality instruction through the use of equitable and innovative practices.
  • We will engage in high quality, ethical, scholarly activities and seek to disseminate research findings and new knowledge.
  • We will be respectful and responsive to one another and to all constituent groups.